RE: NDC To Cancel Trainee Nurses’ Allowance – Solomon Nkansah

My attention has been drawn to an erroneous publication under the above headline by the Daily Guide Newspaper. This publication has generated national interest, particularly amongst well-meaning Ghanaians.

The publication among others sought to create the impression that the NDC will cancel trainee nurses’ allowances when voted beck to power. I wish to state that the headline is false and misleading and therefore, categorically deny the headline attributed to the story. Under no circumstances will I say or conjecture that that NDC will cancel trainee nurses allowance when voted in power in 2020.

For the benefit of those who might not have read the story, I wish to repeat what I said in the interview, that:

“This is needless and cosmetic…. It will not help the beneficiaries and Ghanaians in general because this is not what they promised in opposition…. This is not what they (NPP) promised Ghanaians. NDC was giving out four hundred and Fifty Ghana Cedis to each nursing student. How much is government paying now?”

Obviously, the headline has nothing to do with what I said, as projected by the Daily Guide newspaper which is no doubt, the key mouthpiece of the Akuffo Addo – Bawumiah led NPP government. I see the headline as the usual diversionary strategy by the NPP government, as judiciously executed by the Daily Guide which has established itself as key propaganda tool for the failed NPP government.

Indeed, the Daily Guide out of mischief boldly emphasised on the trainee allowance restoration issues which they misquoted me and, avoided other pressing issues of national concern. Why didn’t the Daily Guide talk about the fact that the NPP government has abandoned all the health facilities that were under construction under Mahama’s administration. For example, Konongo District Hospital, Kumasi Military Hospital some CHIP Compounds etc. Why didn’t they talk about the re- introduction of the quota system which has badly disadvantaged many unemployed and prospective healthcare workers who are badly needed to augment the understaffed health officials in the country’s health facilities.

I do not expect the Daily Guide newspaper to stop their age-old trade of fabricating false stories and misleading headlines not only to please their paymaster but also to consciously defend most of the failed policies of the NPP government.

I wish to remind the Daily Guide that Cross-checking of facts is one of the key elements in story writing and refusing to adhere to this basic tenet in journalism will further damage their already badly bruised reputation in the Ghanaian media landscape. Daily Guide has consistently failed on their core mandate and basic journalistic principle of ‘loyalty to the people’, accuracy, truthfulness, fairness among others, and rather chosen an unholy path of pursuing their parochial partisan interest.

I wish to take this opportunity to encourage the Ghanaian reading public and audience in general to be cautious of Daily Guide’s deceitful agenda which would have serious ramifications on the country’s effort in consolidating her democratic gains.

I am in no doubt that Ghanaians are discerning enough to know that this Akufo Addo -Bawumia government is confused and are therefore latching onto mischief to gain reprieve from their series of failed promises and corruption.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

God Bless the NDC


Solomon Nkansah

National Communications Officer (NCO),

The National Democratic Congress NDC.

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