Re; MPs Lobby For More Females, Is Kyei Mensah Bonsu Ready To Give Up His Seat?

The president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, a fortnight ago, in Vancouver Canada,  at the Women Deliver 2019 Conference, said “We are not seeing enough dynamism and activism on the part of those who are seeking. I am talking about dynamism where it matters…electing people to Parliament, controlling political parties because they are the instruments by which our societies make decisions.

“We are talking about decisions, not wishes and hopes, we are talking about decisions that are going to make the difference”.

These comments by the president, was received with mixed reactions, with his appointees hailing him, whiles his opponents, including some women groupings, telling him to come again.

In Parliament on June 3, the Majority Leader, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, had this to say when he moved the motion for the House to approve the nomination of the NPP Member of Parliament (MP) for Ablekuma North, Nana Akua Owusu Afriyie, “ For the sake of gender equity, parliament should have at laest one-third of its members being female MPs”

This call by the Majority Leader, although laudable, flies in the face of what the president had said in Vancouver.

In the assertion of the president,  the talk shops, have not yielded any results, what is needed is not activism, but dynamism, which requires that, we should start walking our talk.

Ose Kyei-Mensah Bonsu, should have known by now that, talking and wishing, has not yielded any results, instead the number of women representatives, keep dwindling at every election cycle.

We are rather seeing the opposite of whatever he said in the August House.

In the considered opinion of this newspaper, the vainglory has not gotten us the needed change that is badly needed.

We have more women in Ghana than men, but because we have branded politics, as a dirty game, women have stayed away from actively getting involved.

We are of the view that, Kyei-Mensah Bonsu, since he is representing a Constituency traditionally considered as safe seat, he should show leadership by example, by advocating or proposing to his party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to reserve his seat for women,  that will be a mark of good leadership.

How many of our MPs are willing to take the bull by the horn and ensure that, women are given their pride of place in our politics.


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