Re – Model free Education Concept – Government Told


From James Sherifdeen, Kumasi

The Spokesperson for Operation Save the Suffering Masses (OSSM), a pressure group in Kumasi, Nana Akwasi Kwarteng, has called on the government to re-model the free education concept and concentrate solely on Technical and Vocational schools to create jobs for the youth.

He explained that, if artisanal schools are made free, the beneficiaries, would come out as professionals and create their own job, employ apprentices and pay taxes to run the country.

Speaking to this paper on Tuesday in Kumasi, Nana Kwarteng noted that, making secondary education free, do not make any sense, because if one is trained free in secondary education, what would be his or her contribution to the state, if the person is not able to advance to obtain a degree or diploma from a tertiary institution of learning.

According to him, what is not helping the country is that, we go out to borrow money and come use it on people, who are not going to help in anyway.

“If we want to invest in people, it should be those who can in future after their training set up their businesses and train others to also become professionals, but not on those who are going to be liabilities on their families and government”, he pointed out.

The OSSM Spokesperson also noted with concern where it is boldly written on notices warning school children not to speak our local dialect on school compounds.

According to him this kind of “Speak English” in schools is unpatriotic.

“It is very unpardonable stance the country has taken”, he stressed and asked why, should we go to school and learn a foreign language, after going to borrow money from these foreign countries.

He said, what he has learnt is that, all Asian, Arabic & European Countries try to learn more of their languages, rather than any foreign language and called on authorities to change this concept.

Nana Akwasi Kwarteng, Spokesperson OSSM

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