Re: Is Dr. Omane Boamah In Town? – Asks Manasseh Azure Awuni


God’s gift to the journalistic profession and the best thing to ever happen to this country, Manasseh Azure Awuni, took to facebook, to not only demand from the Communications Minister, Dr. Omane Boamah, to come out and tell Ghanaians, how far, he is gone with his investigation on the information about a call on the alleged plot to rig the Talensi by-election, but to mock the Minister.

The mockery was not only in bad taste, but to be coming from a one-time journalist of the year, makes the demand pathetic, his first point of call was the Security Services or the National Communications Authourity (NCA), but he rather decided to cross swords with the Minister, and why not, because that is the easiest and fastest route to cheap popularity.

In view of the reputation of the writer and the traditional responsibility of all journalists and writers the world over, it was incumbent upon him to personally call on the Communication Minister to ask him about his investigation, rather than taking to facebook.

Manasseh Azure Awuni, just loves controversy.

The media outfit he works for credit itself for being the best in news and entertainment.

One gets the unmistakable impression that, Manasseh Azure Awuni and his media house, Joy FM, are out to rundown this government and its appointees, I don’t have the space and time to detail all the stories that his station has done, that has turn out to be untrue. I have never read or heard him anywhere, condemning the station.

One very important aspect which helps one to succeed in life is knowledge of one’s self, before Manasseh, went out to throw the stone, he should have first found out, if his outfit has not sinned, as far as misleading the public and publishing falsehood is concern.

Joy FM, has gained the notoriety for churning out falsehood, the cherished glory and the sense of professionalism that the station once had, was thrown to the dogs, when the likes of Manasseh, joined the station.

Joy FM should commission a Public Relation company to find out how people perceive the station, they will be surprise to find out that only one programme still get people to listen to it, and that is Newsfile, hosted by Samson Lardi Ayeyeni and aired on Saturdays.

The station has lost it credibility because of premature ejaculation and that is the same haste being exhibited by Manasseh, in not finding out from the Minister first, but rather taking to facebook for self-agrandisement.

We cannot demand of our leaders’ standards that we do not adhere to ourselves. Joy FM, have on countless occasion, come out to apologize for rushing to air stories that has turn out to be false, due diligence, no longer inform the activities of the station.

Manasseh had written inter alia
Is Dr. Omane Boamah in town? Honourable Communications Minister, when you got information on the call on the alleged plot to rig the Talensi by-election, and you went to the media within hours. You owe us the duty to update us on what you have found so far.

You promised to get details of the caller from the National Communications Authority by Friday July 10, 2015. Today is Monday, July 20. Where have you reached?
Thus, one finds it difficult to place the sulking and grudge of Manasseh Azure Awuni and those who sent him on errand, an errand in futility, which betrays all that he was thought in the classroom.

It seems that a kind of infantile neurosis is disturbing Manasseh into rushing to town to demand from the Minister on facebook, what a simple call could achieve.
The Minister deserves some respect, Manasseh could not share his political persuasion, but he is a Minister of State, representing the interest of Manasseh and I.

Those who seek equity, it is said must come with clean hands, by disrespecting the Minister, does Manasseh, expect him to answer his request?
Manasseh wrote

Please, don’t tell me again that I am rushing. When you got the information, you could have taken your time to investigate before coming out. Please, I may be annoying but forgive me. I am a patriotic Ghanaian who wants to take communications from my minister of state in charge of government communications seriously. If I had heard this information from a serial caller or a party foot soldier, I would not have given it any attention.

From the above statement, one gets the impression that, Manasseh Azure Awuni, not only lacks home training, but respect for elders and leaders which is part and parcel of the culture and tradition of our society.

What in the Minister’s statement about the intension of some people to rig the Talensi by-election, suggested that, the Minister was not patriotic and does one become more patriotic than others, merely for always criticizing our leaders?

Has Manasseh seen Ato Kwamina Dadzie’s post on facebook regarding president, John Dramani Mahama, what does he have to say about it?

In the last paragraph of Mansseh Azure’s confused and poorly-conceived request on facebook, one sees totally unmasked, the malice, arrogance, intolerance and unrepentant brat that make up his person for which many gullible people have hailed.

He wrote, “You must tell us something if you want us to take you seriously next time. I want you to get to the bottom of this. At least, for once, we have to know whether there was such call and plot, or YOU were lying”.

Like seriously, is this not below the belt, differences we must have, but our society has created room for it, when we embraced democracy or better in our diversity, respect is very important, as it defines who we are. Manasseh has every right to demand from the Minister answers to promises he made himself, in doing that, one should be guided by the principle of fairness, decorum and professionalism.

Not every story that Manasseh Azure Awuni, has done has turn out to be true, sometimes his overzealousness gets the better of him, like this post on facebook.

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