Re: Dzifa Ativor At It Again


Why do some of the heroes of our profession (journalism) take pride in demystifying themselves? This is the question that has been ringing in my ears, since I read the article, “Dzifa Ativor At It Again”, written by Kwesi Biney and published on Friday, August 12, 2016, in his column Voice From the West in the Daily Guide.

I could not make any head or tail of the incoherent and illucid piece, but can make out a couple of threads of thought from my dear author Kwesi Biney’s efforts.

I had always respected Kwesi Biney as a senior professional colleague and a former District Chief Executive (DCE), but after reading the said article, my respect for him simply evaporated.

In the said article, Kwesi Biney, tried to give the wrong impression that the former minister of Transport, Dzifa Attivor is a tribalist, who feeds on tribalism, breathe it and live on it.

Often in writing, we speak about the proverbial “arm-chair theorist” or the “educated illiterate” (sometimes also known as the ill-informed commentator.) Kwesi Biney, has just distinguished himself as the half-baked professional of the year.

The article holds no nuggets of ideas or issues; it is not amenable to rigorous intellectual review. I will therefore not subject it to any critical analysis, as they is no basis for it, but simply tell the man that, he does not know the person he was writing about.

Dzifa Attivor is somebody not because of who she is, but because of who she has become, it is the reason why for some time now, a lot of negative attributions has been made about her.

I do not speak for her, but as someone, who has had the opportunity on countless occasions to have interacted with her, I believe I am in a position to defend her, especially when unwarranted mud is thrown at her.

We all belong to one tribe or another; it is the same Akan saying, a tribe which Kwesi Biney belongs to that says, no one points to his or her hometown with the left hand.

If Kwesi Biney, has any advice to give, he must first begin from home, after all charity they say, begins at home.

It is the New Patriotic Party (NPP), which is rather embroiled in dirty, filial genital cannibalistic tribalism, no less a person than the flagbearer of the party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, was the first to tell us ‘yen Akanfo’ to wit, we the Akans, when he sought to poison his
kinsmen against other tribes.

Kwesi Biney, belongs to a political party, whose members wear tribal regalia and claim tribal loyalty, not the innocent Dzifa Attivor.
What has she said that, has not been said before by members of the NPP, the worst tribal comments, have come from the staples of the NPP, and never have I read any article from Kwesi Biney admonishing members of his party.

The likes of Kwesi Biney are what I call empty political elites and the enemies of our nation.

In the said article, Kwesi Biney, made certain allegations and permit me to quote him “on Thursday July 28, 2016, just some two weeks back, Dzifa Attivor and John Kwadwo Gyapong, the Volta Regional Chairman of the NDC were in Takoradi to meet a supposed leadership of Ewe Caucus at the Animens Hotel, strictly by invitation with political support of my friend and younger brother, the Deputy Regional Minister, Mr. Alfred Ekow Gyann”

He continued “Dear Reader, the kinds of things Dzifa Attivor, told her audience is better heard than told. She was in full flight playing Akans generally and Asantes in particular against Ewes. Some of them were dumbfounded because they have lived their lives mostly in the Western Region and had never been discriminated against by anybody on grounds that they are Ewes”.

While I absolutely agree that Kwesi Biney, has an inalienable right to his opinion, and as such, owes no one any apology for the views expressed by him, I am also permitted to ask, where is the evidence?

With all due respect to Kwesi Biney, I think he goofed this time in his attempt to label Madam Dzifa Attivor, as a tribal jingoist.
Let even assume without admitting that, what is attributed to her, is what she actually said, is it worth repeating, especially, when it cannot be backed by any evidence.

Tribal and religious utterances by members of his party has gone from worst to worse, sometimes even from members, who are suppose to know better.

The likes of Osafo Marfo, who said, because the Akan speaking areas, holds a chunk of our natural resources, our political leaders must come from there. We have heard such recurring decimals from senior members of his party, the worst culprit being Kennedy Agyapong.

Kwesi Biney, given his self-acclaimed ascription to himself as a believer of diversity and our unity, however, failed woefully to admit that there is no genealogical difference between the NPP and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

If there is one politician, I will say, whose doors are opened to everyone, regardless of where they come from, it is Madam Dzifa Attivor.

In my work as a journalist, I have had the privilege of going to her home, more than once and she has received me as if I am her son.

My name speaks for me and it does not say I come from the Volta Region. When she commented about her people not voting for the NPP, because when they come to power, the people of Volta Region, would be targeted and jailed, she was quoted out of context and crucified by well-meaning Ghanaians.

As a democrat and a matured politician, she issued a statement to clarify her position and went on to apologize.

How many people in the NPP, have ever apologized for comments decent people deem offensive.

When the bus branding saga, became a national issue, out of her love for this country and her sense of decency, she took full responsibility and honorably resigned, how many leaders in this country, have ever done what she did.

Finally, let it be noted for the avoidance of doubts that I am not a supporter of any tribal comments, but as a Ghanaian, I feel obliged to set the records straight when politicians in their utterances and actions continue to play politics of ethnicity and religion for the purpose of scoring
cheap political points.

If this country is to ever move forward, our political elites, must rise beyond their obvious short-sightedness or if you like, ‘blurred vision’ by playing politics according to the rules and by also placing Ghana’s unity and progress beyond personal considerations.

This for me is the only way forward, not these highly sentimental and ethnically biased positions often advanced by politicians, which Kwesi Biney, has also done.

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