Rawlings And Kufuor Will Openly Throw Blows In Public If The Two Are Not Called To Order

Former president, Jerry John Rawlings, has never hidden his dislike for his successor, John Agyekum Kufuor.

Many would have thought that, after Kufuor, ended his eight year tenure and peacefully handed over to Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, Jerry Rawlings, will let go of the past, instead the name calling and personal attacks, continues unabated.

Worse still, former president Kufuor, it is obvious, have also had enough of his predecessor and is now ready to fight back. Silence is no longer an option for him.

The only people to judge, who is a better president, between former president, Rawlings and Kufuor, are the Ghanaian people.

In our considered opinion, if you are good, you are good and your work will speak for you, years after you are dead and gone.

The only thing speaking for the past administrations are eye popping tales of sleaze, poverty, and a growing population, who becoming impatient by the day with elected officials.

Both president, Kufuor and Rawlings, have a lot to offer this country, they should use their time to attract investors into the country and their talent, character traits, experience to groom and nature the next leaders of our country.

The pettiness is becoming too much, we the younger ones, should be fighting for them to call us to order.

When the various chapters of the story of our heroes past and leaders are being written, they both deserve and will certainly get a place.

They should not erode the gains, they have made, development is never in abeyance, so despite our challenges, they contributed their quota to the socio-economic development of this country.

We are fortunate to have three former presidents under the fourth republican dispensation alive; it will be a beauty to behold, if they could work together for the betterment of our nation.


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