PURC Turns Toothless Bull Dog


The Public Utility and Regulatory Commission (PURC), was not established only to see to the increment of utility tariff, but to ensure most importantly that, consumers of electricity and water, get value for money.

The Consumer Protection Agency is equally sleeping, as consumers are being ripped off, everyday by service providers.

In Ghana, we have the best of institutions and laws that are only good on paper. Enforcement of laws in this country is one of the biggest problems we have.

It has been said over and over again that, acquiring of pre-paid meters is free, time and time again, consumers, who need electricity in their homes or offices, out of desperation are made to cough up, a lot of money to acquire a meter.

Anybody, who has applied and gotten a meter, when is issued with a receipt, is given a receipt for GH¢80, yet he or she, has paid in excess of GH¢500.

Who does the poor and destitute turn to for help, in Ghana rightly so, the anger of the powerless is useless.

Many people in Ghana, who live below the poverty line, stay in compound houses, especially in most of our regional capitals, it is for this reason that, a policy known as ‘Life line’, was introduced by the government, to provide a cushion for them.

Unfortunately, the Electricity of Ghana, which is supposed to ensure that, those who are to benefit from the policy is not doing so.

How do you explain, giving one pre-paid meter to a house, which has about 23 single rooms?

It is obvious that, their consumption will be more than the 0-50 threshold one has to consume to enjoy the life-line policy.

The focus of this editorial is about the extra money consumers are forced to pay to acquire pre-paid meters.

We are our own enemies, yet we all sit in the comfort of our homes and offices, and point fingers at the executive for being corrupt.

This country is rotten at all levels, what is the justification for paying so much to acquire a meter, when consumers, will be buying credit to have the supply of power.

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