These Pull Him Down Syndrome On Ghanaian Companies Must Stop


Hard work and ingenuity is celebrated in civilized societies, but in Ghana, anybody who dares to think outside the box, is crucified and thrown to the dogs.

All over the world, governments and its people are going round selling and promoting their men and women who are breaking the forefronts of technology and helping to create jobs for its teeming youth.

We have seen it done in Nigeria, where the likes of Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga etc, their efforts and the support they received from their governments, have seen them expand their businesses, even to Ghana. Glo is from Nigeria owned by Adenuga, Dangote Cement and other businesses these two gentlemen owned that is making waves in this country. why can’t we do same for our people.

In Ghana, the story is different, not a week passes without us, wasting time and publishing stories that cannot be substantiated about one indigenous company or another.

The two foremost indigenous companies, Rlg and Zoomlion, for some time now have been at the receiving end these barrage of insults from people who thought they are being given undue advantage, when it comes to businesses in Ghana.

We cannot hold breadth for anybody or company, who violate any law, or collude with somebody to rip this country of much needed revenue, but in our attempt to throw mud at these companies, we need to do due diligence, so that it will not be like, we are only interested in destroying our own.

The International community is watching and reading, the world is now a global village where what happens here is as much relevant and it consequences felt in other part of the world.

We can continue in our known tradition of pull him down, or identify those who are contributing meaningfully to the socio-economic development of this country and help them become world companies, who can compete with any other company elsewhere.

China has done it and is still doing it. Their government is promoting individual companies who are making a footprint in the world.

We can reduce everything to politics and continue with the ugly noises, but nobody is waiting for us. The world is moving on, businesses are
expanding and we could sit in this country for foreigners to come and take over everything we have.

We must also build global brands, that is the only way our youth can get jobs to do, that is the only we can attract much needed investments to grow our economy locally.

These concerted efforts on the part of Ghanaian journalists who are on the payroll of some international companies to sabotage and run down our own companies must stop.

Nobody is questioning the activities of telecommunication companies, who are repatriating millions of dollars out of this country.
Most, if not all the sectors of the economy is being controlled by foreigners, the few local ones that we have we are busy killing them with envy.

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