Psychiatric Patients: We Are Been Treated Good

Patients at the ladies ward of the Accra Psychiatric hospital last Tuesday said, the new nurses who took over treat them well as compared to those who left.

On my visit to the Accra Psychiatric hospital, i had the chance  to interrupt with some of the patients who were then having a meeting with the nurses about any problem they facing in the ward.

In joining them, i asked the whole meeting to talk about their personal experience at this particular ward, and a couple of them raise their concerns about it

Madam M.D said she was going to the market and before she realize, she’s been admitted to the Psychiatric hospital, she doesn’t even know who brought her there, and her personal experience was that, the nurses treat them well as compared to those who left.

She said “I remember sometime, two of patients were fighting and instead of the nurses to stop them, they stood there and make them fight till they wound themselves, in some cases if they fight and its getout of hand, they inject them, even to some extent, they beat the two of them.

Madam R, a tailor, also had an attack and was brought to the hospital and she said, since she was admitted, the nurses are good, treat them well in controlling and handling their nonsense, time to bath and time to take their medicine, and also she came to meet people here who have recovered and left, and as at now, she feels she is recovering and eventually she can go home soon.

Inspite of the good remarks, there was this woman whose talks was opposite of every good thing the other patients are saying, she says she doesn’t like hospital, hence the place smell like shit, those who brought her have abandon her, perhaps she is not mad. I was told she was brought in two weeks ago. The funny part was that she said she is not mad, but claims the other patients are rather mad

Robert Neequaye


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