Prostate Cancer In Black Men: De Facto, Not De Jure!


Prostate World With Dr Raphael Nyarkotey Obu: ND,MSc,

If you a male, and live long enough, your risk of developing prostate cancer is 100% if you do nothing to prevent it; so from the conventional perceptive the only solution is not to age or live longer! But this will not hold!

According to Wikipedia, De Jure is an expression that means “concerning law”, as contrasted with de facto, which means “concerning fact”. The terms de jure and de facto are used instead of “in law” and “in practice”, respectively, when one is describing political or legal situations

De facto, expression that means “concerning fact”. In law, it often means “in practice but not necessarily ordained by law” or “in practice or actuality, but not officially established”. So in this article I will say de jure is what I inherit from my parents by law that is genes. So how can my lifestyle (De Facto) affect what I get from my parents (De jure)? So in reality De Facto is what I will say ‘character in life’, de facto can be what is in reality, or which is in effect.

There is a big difference between de jure and de facto for instance; God created us all in his image, so I will say according to law- de jure, both blacks, Asians, white etc were made in the image of God; but if we are created in the image of God, why black men are more prone to prostate cancer or why is that there is high sky rocking prostate diseases in Ghana-De Facto. Or why is that men in the eastern territories leave over 100 and the place is a cold spot for prostate or breast cancer?

Ok, so now let look at how our lifestyle, De Facto affects our inheritance or what we get from our parents by law, De jure. So, De jure is inheritance, genetics whilst De facto is reality, our character or actions in the cause of our life. The De facto is the most important thing whether you will get prostate cancer or not.
so in reality the De Facto is the preventative era or what I term the preventive measures or preventative medicine but are conventional doctors interested in de Facto or de jure?

When we were born we inherit a foundation from our parents. The health of our parents determines our health also.

The quality of the food and lifestyle and stress conditions of our mothers while we were in the womb thus plays a big part in our overall health. These factors are major in determining our foundation: whether we are blessed with a gift, de jure or burdened with a challenge, de facto.

Our day-to-day diets and habits determine our health condition. If you combine a weak foundation with weak health conditions created by our choices as we move onwards in life, then you have a ripe combination for many diseases and often very serious ones. This is especially true for prostate diseases because of the accumulation of toxins in the prostate.

Take the strong foundation type who seems to never get sick and can abuse his body for decades by poor diet and lifestyle choices. Suddenly at age 48 or 54, he gets a massive heart attack. His daily condition finally overcame his powerful gifts of a strong foundation; De Facto finally overpower his De Jure
Thus what we were given from our parents-De Jure and what we do with it –De Facto creates our health conditions, our disposition to disease in general and to prostate disease in particular.

In the case of the prostate, men can inherit a weak foundation in that area of the body. This does not mean you are doomed to prostate diseases. It just means that you are more susceptible than others and will have to make changes if you want prostate health.

My father had an enlarged prostate or BPH so if I get that too but much earlier in life than him. That was my combination of weaker foundation –De Jure and my poor diet of many decades-De Facto, some of the key causes of prostate problems, including an enlarged prostate

We are the cause of most of the modern day or you put it civilization disease.
Even the father of modern day medicine said, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”

Men of African descent have been label as endangered species and black ancestry have been implicated as an established risk factor for the high rates of prostate cancers in the black communities. However race and genetic specific evidence is still missing. Also according to the American cancer society genetic prostate cancer accounts for only 5-10% of prostate cancers so the question now lies is the high rates of prostate cancers in the black communities linked to genetic or lifestyle or what I call De Jure or De Facto judging from the fact that cancer cells lies dormant in all of us. There are also great geographical variations in prostate cancer incidence between western societies and eastern societies. If cancer is a disease that starts in our cells and our bodies are made of up of trillions of cells, group together to form tissues or organs such as muscles and bones, the lungs, or the liver and genes inside each cell order it to grow, work, reproduce and die and normally our cells obey these orders and we remain healthy then is lifestyle or De Facto the major factor. If sometimes a cell’s instructions get mixed up and behave abnormally and after a while, groups of abnormal cells can circulate in the blood or immune system, or they can form a lumps or tumor then the health of Ghanaian men of African descent cells is crucial if they want to live a long, healthy and vibrant life.

Why? Because cells provide the power for everything these men do–from thinking to growing. Simply put, these men cannot be healthy unless their cells are healthy. So I have been wondering if Ghanaian men of African descent lifestyle or de facto influence or promote prostate cancers or even put the prostate cancer cells in their dormant stage in the management of the disease? Yes because the body is jus t like a computer and it does exactly what you tell it to do and not often how you want it to do and it’s adapt to changes this is what is call compensatory adaptation at work. For instance in the northern region in Ghana it has been observe that crops in the region cannot yield high without using chemicals because the soil is used to the chemicals the farmers use to grow their crops. Men of African descent have buy into the ideal of modern devitalized cheap foods and the result is the modern day civilization disease like cancers. In Ghana prostate, breast cancers, childhood cancers and now sky rocketing kidney diseases are on the increased the result poor health and early death. This cheap food results in low enzymes levels in Ghanaian men depriving the cells of good cellular nutrition resulting in sky rocketing prostate diseases because the prostate is a deep inside organ just like the breast and uterus in women. The prostate sits between two organs of elimination, the urinary bladder and rectum so the more toxic your urine and feces the more the prostate is vulnerable in absorbing the toxic and toxic build up is one of the reasons there is high sky rocketing prostatic diseases in Ghana and black communities. Every single process is controlled and regulated by an enzyme produced by the body specifically for that process. According to medical dictionaries, “life “is the regulated interaction of all the processes performed by enzymes in the body it follows that disease is the disruption of this harmonious interaction between enzymes.

The body’s enzymes work together. If a single cell becomes active, a whole cascade of enzymes is immediately prepared for action. The enzyme matrix is genetically differentiated. In other words, Europeans have and need different enzymes than Asian. Statistics show that a person’s life expectancy and quality of life is directly proportional to the efficiency of the body’s enzyme. At birth and during breast feeding, every infant receives a large supply of enzymes for his or her future life.

The infant’s future vitality and health depends on this supply of enzymes being properly maintained. This is guaranteed by unprocessed foods that ensure the supply of enzymes components so low enzymes levels cause of today’s civilization or lifestyle diseases that have being implicated that black men have 60% chances of getting prostate cancers than their white counterparts. According to world wide studies, over 80 of the population suffer a lack of vital nutrients or low enzyme levels.

As early as 1991, the “declaration of Santa fee”, leading nutritional scientist stated that poor nutrition and the severe exposure of our food to pesticides, processing and conservations are the main reasons for serious illnesses. Hence the reason for the low enzymes in Ghanaian men of African descent would the early of fast foods stuffs, long storage periods and additional processing in today’s food factories using methods such as irradiation , heating , sterilizations and conservation have a massive and negative impact on essential enzymes and other vital substances. Fast food crazes in Ghana for example has a nutritional value dangerously close to zero and serves virtually no other purpose than to make individuals feel satiated. It has also been revealed that black men have low level of Vitamin D level and the darker the skin the lower the vitamin D level in black men

My Key Points
1. De facto is the cause of prostate diseases.
2. Low enzyme level, another factor among Ghanaian men
3. The enzyme matrix is genetically differentiated
4. De jure only accounts for 5-10%

Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu is a registered alternative medical practitioner by the traditional and alternative medicine practice council, Ghana -who specializes in prostate cancer and studied the masters program in prostate cancer-Sheffield Hallam University, UK and a PhD student(A.M) –Indian Board of alternative medicines Academy, Kolkata, India .He is the founder of Men’s Health Foundation Ghana , De Men’s Clinic & Prostate Research Lab in Dodowa, Akoto House. Tel: 0541090045/0500106570.

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