Proponents Of Ebola Vaccine Trial Must Bow Their Heads In Shame


Our knowledge in science might be limited, that is why we appeal to be pardoned should we asked questions and make propositions that will look uninformed in the sight of those with limitless knowledge in science.

The Ebola Vaccine trial, which was clandestinely sneaked into Hohoe in the Volta Region, without the approval and knowledge of government, has got us thinking, about the safety of the citizenry in the hands of mandated institutions to look out for their interest.

The world is still coming to terms with the causes of Ebola. A lot of theories are being bundled around, mostly about bush animals, but that has not been scientifically approved. A process of verifying the efficacy of any vaccine must first begin with knowing the cause, as well as the origin.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and its allied health organizations, have the right to test any drug, before finally giving approval for it usage.

History has thought us that, animals are first used, that was the genesis of the phrase ‘Guinea Pig’, before human trial and then finally onto the market.

As we sit here, those who gave the approval for the trial to take place in Hohoe, do they have a report about the performance of the vaccine on animals?

Another issue we need to raise is that, in any trial, do the volunteers get infected with a particular sickness or disease, before the vaccine is giving to them or it is possible to give the vaccine without infecting them with the disease?

If the latter is applicable, how then are we able to come to any conclusion?

All those involved in the propagation of the idea of the clinical trial, must bow their heads in shame, not that what they were doing is illegitimate, but that Ebola has caused so much panic in the world that any attempt to find cure must be supported by all, but that must be done well.

If the report we are getting that money has changed hands is anything to go by, then we are appalled by the behavior of all the people involved in the attempt to use innocent students and Ghanaians as Guinea Pigs is unfortunate.

We are appealing to the government not to sweep the issue under the carpet, it should be thoroughly investigated and all those found to have compromised their positions, be made to face the full rigors of the law.

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