Prof. Addai To SSNIT Managers


You Are Just Managers Not SSNIT

By Gifty Arthur

A former rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Prof. Stephen Addai, has celebrated the Social Security and
National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), saying there have been “tremendous efficiency in their work.

According to him, “Efficiency is one of the areas worth celebrating”. While showering praises on managers and workers of the Trust for their work over the past decades, Prof. Addai has challenged them to work even harder cautioning them “workers of SSNIT must know they are not SSNIT, but managers”.

The man, who has been described as very controversial and as a result has incurred the wrath of some parliamentarians for branding them as corrupt, made these comments at a public symposium organized by SSNIT, as part of it 50 years anniversary celebration last Thursday in Accra.

Speaking under the theme: Social Security: The Way Forward,” Prof Addai, decried the unending government interferences in the work of the Trust, which was in the news last year over the sale of Merchant Bank, a transaction in which it had the largest shares.

“It must be allowed to work as pension scheme. It benefits must be to the beneficiaries and not to the state”. He added. He regretted the Trust, has not contributed much to the national economy.

Speaking to a packed room of workers, both past, present, well wishers and the media, Prof. Addai, defended SSNIT for not defaulting in social security payments to its members. “SSNIT has never defaulted in social security payment [for retiring workers],” he said.

Despite the challenges, he enumerated the successes chalked so far, he said “I personally have confidence in the future of SSNIT, I wouldn’t have said this five years ago”, he explained.

The Director General (DG) of the Trust, Ernest Thompson, debunked speculation that government owed the organization, being the monthly contributions of employees.

According to Mr. Thompson, government for the first time in many years, has paid all contributions remaining only two months, which is yet to be paid. “The amount owed SSNIT by government is very minimal compared to past years. For 2015, it is about 2 months contribution arrears that is owed by government”.

He noted that, allegation that government had mismanaged the Trust, could not be true, because every decision concerning the Trust is taken by its Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors. “There has been no mismanagement of funds. Under no circumstance have we had government interfere with funds”.

A deputy Minister for Finance and Economic Planning, Mona Quartey, commended the Trust saying, “SSNIT has come a long way, you are getting closer and closer to international best practices”. Government she said is almost there to pay all its arrears.

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