Prez. Mahama’s Appointees Must Support Him To Deliver


The president is not a superman, so he cannot be everywhere at all times that is why the Constitution mandates him to appoint people to help him steer the affairs of the nation.

Whether or not the people, he appoints live up to expectation, is a burden he has to deal with, as far as he is the head.

It is said that the greatest honor any country bestow on its citizen, is to be given the opportunity to serve them.
The President is trying hard to fulfill his electoral promises, as well as deliver the “Better Ghana” that he promised Ghanaians. It is disheartening that whiles he moves heaven and earth to make this country the once shining star that it used to be, some of his appointees are also trying hard to undermine the progress he is making.

We are restraining ourselves from mentioning names, because the purpose of this editorial is to rally everybody to the bigger goal that we set for ourselves as a nation and to remind them that, when the government fails, it is not only President John Dramani Mahama, who falls, but his appointees, as well as the entire nation.

The President, since he took the oath of office, has not had sleep, the problems he faces each day keeps compounding, because of the inability of past leaders to take decisive and lasting solutions to uproot the problems, instead of
the window dressing that we have seen over the years.

Appointees, who are managing our resources, must know that they do that in trust for all of us. How judiciously and strategically they decide to invest the monies is very important, if we are to get to our glorious future.

We at The Herald, have faith in the ability and capacity of the President to make this country strong and great. The onus lies on him to ensure that anybody whose actions are derailing his success must be shown the exit.

We will not sit idly and watch people close to him or his appointees frustrate the progress he is making.

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