Preventing The Perennial Floods In Accra


The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA)  is working to minimize the impact of perennial floods in the Accra metropolis.

It has begun desilting storm drains ahead of the rainy season to prevent flooding.

As the rainy season approaches, many Ghanaians and most residents in Accra worry about flooding.

In previous years, many people have lost their lives in tragically, such as the June 3rd disaster, which claimed over 100 lives.

It is quite usual that such heavy downpour wreak havoc in parts of the city, destroying lives and properties. But, AMA says their outfit is adequately prepared to avert such incidents.” Currently the Odaw stream going all the way to the korle lagoon is going to be desilted from next week.

The main reason why that has delayed a bit is the illegal structures that have sprung around that very enclave. But we have given them notices and clearing have begun.

But assurances are that from next week ,we are going to do that work.”The solutions to flooding in Accra is not about continuing to do what we have done over the years that hasn’t worked, the solution is to build another city.

Accra currently is chocked, the government should start relocating some of its offices outside Accra. This will move some persons out, so you decongest the city,”AMA said

By Portia Quanin

Ghana Institute of Journalism

Level 300

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