President Must Intervene In Legon “Madness”


True to their wishes, the decision by the University of Ghana Council to inhibit movement of cars on Legon campus is coming to stay, as all the appeals and threat from Ghanaians and Government have falling on deaf ears.

As usual, as Ghanaians, we have come to accept the fact that there is nothing that can be done to reverse the unfortunate decision. We cry, complaint and moan, yet nobody, will want to do anything that will change the course of history.

It is this same attitude of complaint, talk about it for one week, maximum one month and it is back to business as usual that has giving politicians the leverage to be taking us for granted.

We do not demand what is ours and so our rights are being trampled upon by every Tom dick and Harry at their convenience, from public to the private sector, sector by sector, it is so pervasive, one begins to wonder when our help cometh.

Legon, is not a republic nor an island, every decision it takes is subject to the laws of this country, and as it is said, laws are made for men, not men for laws. Every decision or action that is inimical to the people of this country must be looked at twice.

The University of Ghana Council, could have acted within the limit of it laws, but is it the best decision under the circumstance, given the explanations we have heard?

Clearly, there are other options to explore as far as reducing traffic on campus is concern, rather than the toll it.

The National Security Co-ordinator, has done his bit by pulling down the toll booth mounted at the Okponglo entrance of the University. The Ministry of Education had written to the Council to come and explain their decision. Ghanaians have also vented their anger.

We are appealing to the President to step in and get the University to rescind its decision and open the campus to motorists.
Parents whose children school at the University Primary are looking up to him. Perhaps his is the only voice, the authourities want to hear.

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