President Must Crack The Whip On Dr Wampah


The President, John Dramani Mahama, seem oblivious of the mess the Governor of Bank of Ghana (BoG), is causing to the Ghanaian economy.
A lot of well-meaning Ghanaians, who do not even share in the philosophy and political persuasion of the President, have all added their voice to the calls to have Dr. Kofi Wampah sacked, if he fails to resign.

It is obvious that the Governor is not ready to step aside for a more competent person to assume the position of Governor, so it now behoves on the President to stamp his authourity and let the Governor know that he is the one who is accountable to the good people of this country.

Dr. Wampah’s reign as the Governor of BoG, will go down in history as the worst time for our currency, already the Cedi, has been adjudged as the worst performing currency in the world.

The Governor has tried and implemented all the tricks he knows in the book that could resuscitate the currency, but the more he does the cedi keep doing the dance of the masquerade, one step forward and two steps backward.

The President has demonstrated a strong will and capacity to get this country to the promise land, but his indecisiveness and his sense of timing is something that has failed him.

A leader is as good as his timing, it does not mean you bow to pressure, but when it is obvious that one person or group of peoples are undermining our progress, you show them the exit. It does not also mean that they are not good, but perhaps they can be useful elsewhere.

Ghanaians are looking up to the President to politely tell the Governor to step aside, the country is grateful for how low he has brought the Cedi, the shame and his inability to even get the three million dollars to the Black Stars team in Brazil.

Next month, Muslims who have the wherewithal are going to embark on the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, this means that the demand for Dollar is going to go up, the question, we ask is the Dr. wampah and his people at BoG, ready to meet the demand and make sure the Dollar does not hit four Cedis?

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