President Mahama Needs Our Help Not Criticism


After three years in office, I can say without equivocation that, President John Dramani Mahama, unlike his predecessors, surely is not clueless, about what the country expect of him and how to navigate the waters of our ever changing needs, but perhaps he is helpless.

One may be wondering, why the President, can be considered to be helpless, seeing that he has a government full of ministers and other appointees, but going by the undue criticisms and skepticisms he has received from some quarters, especially the opposition elements.

For the president to get Ghana repositioned in the right direction that would benefit all of its citizenry, President Mahama, would need plenty of help from concerned Ghanaians and not just mere criticisms or wasted breaths.

Talk is cheap and playing to the gallery even more cheaper, but what this country needs now is action, drastic re-invention that would deliver our people from the jaws of poverty.

I must emphasis, however, that this does not mean President Mahama, cannot be criticized or told the truth, when he is out of order, but what is the point criticizing like the days of old or hailing all sorts of insults and writing meaningless letters to the president when we offer no sound

President Mahama, will not be president forever, after eight years, he will exit the stage whether he is prepared or not, but Ghana our beloved country or so we call it, will still be here, so instead of sitting on the fence and criticizing, why not offer solutions, that are of constructive in nature.

I have said it, time without number that, I have come to the realization that, politicians in our part of the world only want power to further their hold on us and for importantly for their own selfish end, if not can someone explain to me, why the criticism of a President starting the very day he takes the oath of office.

Most of our presidents get elected with grey hair, yet they would leave office with black hair, that is the pathetic nature of our politics.

Back to the theme of my article today, The issues bedeviling this nation are right there glaring us in the face, except we have been a beneficiary of the problems that is when we would not acknowledge what the issues are, but what we need to be talking about now is solutions not just the same old problems we already know.

First on the list of our problem is corruption, that robs the nation of vital resources and steals away the future of our fellow citizens, but luckily we have a president, who acknowledges the damage corruption poses and is doing something about it.

To then criticize the president for fighting corruption and claiming he is not doing enough can only be grandstanding and is aimed at making him unpopular.

To help the President and his government, we need to proffer genuine alternatives in cases where they are wrong or offer proper advise to make them do better if already on the right track not just criticisms.

President John Dramani Mahama, cannot do it alone and it behooves on every single Ghanaian to ask ourselves how do we view Ghana? Do we see it as a country we call our own and would be happy to leave our children and grandchildren behind in the way it is at the moment, or a mere corporate entity we want to make our own profit from and don’t care what becomes of it?

If we view it as a country, then the opposition element, would need to be reminded that their action in recent past are contrary to national expectations and perhaps interests.

Even if someone misses the way to his or her house, the President is blamed for it, we have a long way to go.

Members of Parliament (MPs) on the Minority side, for some time now, have been organizing press conferences, not to tell their Constituents and
Ghanaians, what their contribution have been so far in the August House, but to tell the President where he has failed or they believe he has.

Holding a press conference and threatening to have the President impeached, because he accepted to host two GITMO detainees, is the dearth of pettiness.

A country is not built by simply criticizing, besides even if we wish to criticize, the role of an MP, is not to criticize, but to make laws, pass bills, debate the budget etc.

How well have they fared in their responsibilities to carry on a burden that is left to political parties?

Second on my list is the economy, the President, inherited an economy that was wobbling and standing on one leg, I have said that, our economy is on a paralysis machine and to keep it alive, we need to do what is needful.

A thorough operation should be carried out, so that it cannot be discharged to start experiencing post surgery sickness that could worsen the situation.

The President has set out to putting the economy on a sound and sustainable footing by not doing what we have done over the years, adhoc measures, only to wake up years later that, we took the wrong turn.

If the foundation is weak, anything we put on it will collapse with time and so the President is doing what his predecessors failed to do, by making the running of the country easy for whoever is to come after him.

Third is infrastructure, even a visually impaired person can tell that, a lot has been and is being done to transform this country into a befitting status. The President is not there yet, we have witnessed unprecedented expansion in infrastructure, spanning from road, hospitals, schools, Information Communication Technology (ICT) etc.

Every shoulder is needed if the President is going to succeed. We must shed our political colors and leanings and help develop this nation.

Today it is President Mahama in office, tomorrow it could be anyone.

In order not to be referred to as generational failures, we need to all support the President’s transformational agenda.

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