President Mahama Moves On GYEEDA Directives Implementation


As part of firm and assertive steps by Ghana’s President to tackle corruption head-on in the West African state, sweeping measures to resolve one of the major sore points inherited by the current NDC administration have been taken.

President Mahama has been drumming home the need for Ghana to galvanize all efforts towards tackling corruption.

When he engaged anti-corruption institutions and campaigners at the Flagstaff House on November 15, 2013, the President indicated his readiness to deal firmly with the report of the sole commissioner of Judgment debt when it is presented to him.

It would be recalled that the President directed the Minister of Youth and Sports to complete a review of all modules and accompanying contracts under GYEEDA by December 15, and, before December 31, to cancel all contracts that do not pass the ”value for money” test.

President Mahama also declared, “I have placed a moratorium on the creation of any new modules under GYEEDA”.

In the spirit of transparency and openness,

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