President Akufo Addo should invite me Seek Advice on Cocoa Production –Bishop Yamson

From: James Sharifdeen, Kumasi

The Presiding Bishop of United Faith Reformed Church in Kumasi –Amakom, Bishop Albert Mensah Yamson has called on the President , Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to invite him to Accra to give him the master plan of late President of La Cote’D’ Ivore, Honphet Boigney in Cocoa industry so that Ghana can become the world leading producer of Cocoa again.

According to him, the late Resident Honphet Boiny never left Cocoa production into the hands of his Minister but rather, he himself was the master planner and the executer who did everything by himself.

Speaking to the Media in Kumasi on Friday, Bishop Yamson said, the late Ivoman President would go to air and announce himself for people who wanted to go into cocoa farming to register and being a pastor in a cocoa growing area known as Arrah, he went and registered his name.

He explained that, he started with them until it was five years when the president Houphet Boihney announced on the radio and thanked stakeholders and the entire farmers that the battle has ended and that Ivory Coast, has beaten Ghana to become world producer of Cocoa.

Bishop Yamson, stated that, the whole master plan is with him and many were done by the president himself so if Ghana wants to redeem our former glory as the world producer of Cocoa then it is better he meets the President, Nana Akufo Addo give him the master plan from the beginning to the end.

He pointed out that, it is better for the President himself to make some negotiations about some things of importance and seek advice aim of becoming first producer of Cocoa in the world because Ghanaians are not patriotic.

“Cocoa farmers in Cote’ D’ Ivore are given incentives; they use patriotism to plan their cocoa seedlings; they are taught how to nurse their Cocoa seedlings while Cocoa farmers are given an extension to train them on how to produce cocoa,” he pointed out.






























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