President Akufo-Addo Lied About GETFUND Payments

From indications, it is becoming obvious that President Akufo-Addo and the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFUND) contractors, have a long battle ahead.

It is characteristic of Ghanaians to always claim that, previous years, were better than the present, especially during the yuletide, but the 2017 Christmas, was the worse for contractors in a long while.

It is shameful to hear the president, make the claim that, so much, has been paid to contractors, when in fact, it is rather the opposite.

President Akufo-Addo, has developed the penchant for lying. This habit, he acquired as the opposition leader and has extended it to office, as the Commander In Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces.

What the president did, could best be described as mockery. Contractors, are being chased by their creditors, because most of the loans they took, were overdue long time ago.

They were made to suffer in silence, during Christmas, and they were hoping that, come January, before schools reopen, some monies, will be paid them to enable them pay school fees, but that didn’t happen.

The president in flagrant disregard to their suffering, decided to rub it in by claiming that their arrears, have been cleared.

This president, sometimes behave as if, he is governing a different country. His utterances, do not reflect the reality on the ground.

The president must realize the gravity and responsibility he holds and stop lying about things, his government is yet to do, especially regarding meeting financial obligations.

A president’s comment should bring finality, not to be disputed as happened with the GETFUND issue.

In his usual attempt to respond to calls by the opposition national Democratic Congress (NDC), he went peddling falsehood.

In opposition, he had the luxury to lie, because he was only accountable to his conscience.

In government, every word, statement etc, will be subjected to scrutiny and strict proof and on this occasion, the president lied.

There is so much a people can endure.


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