President Akuffo Addo’s statement on women was a fact


Report By: Kenneth Nsiah Yeboah, Kumasi

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of MY Clinic, a natural health services provider Dr. Mohammed Yusif Caesar has defended president Akufo-Addo on gender comment he made recently saying, it was a fact, which was not meant to undermine women but rather put them on their toes to push forward to achieve excellence for themselves.

According to him, Dr. Caesar, there is no President in the history of Ghana who has demonstrated much love and compassion for women in the country than President Akuffo Addo.

A renowned natural health provider made the statement reaction to attack the President was subjected to after he was reported to have said the fact that majority of the country population were women for not much political action had been invested for their push for gender inclusion in Ghana Political administration.

He explained that his introduction of the free senior high school (SHS), education is testimony of president compassion for women because they are the beneficiary of free education.

Dr. Caesar, believes that Nana Akuffo Addo was intentionally deprived of the opportunity to dynamism of Ghanaian women in gender advocacy was what he expected and what his government was doing to help find appropriate solution to the problem/

The natural health service provider added that the host of the programme in Canada should have allowed the President to finish his submission but she rather interrupted half way into the president’s submission and diverted audience attention to him.

“There is no way that a person like President Akuffo Addo who has compassion for women and their development could insult them, he pointed out.

He urged women to strive to do much exploitation to make difference in their contribution towards the development of the country.

Dr. Caesar as part of his engagement with the media in Kumasi to invest in their health especially by taking two bottles of Lina Energy Tea every day to give them strength to carry out their daily activities.

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