Pregnancy is not illness – Dzifa Sweetness


Ghanaian sex coach, Dzifa Sweetness, says that married women who happen to be pregnant should not be treated as sick people because pregnancy is not a disease.

Talking about sex positions for pregnant women on ‘In Bed With Adwen’, she commented that the fact that pregnant women most times get headaches, backaches and other petty illnesses does not mean they are sick people or should be treated as such.

Dzifa educated that husbands can have sex with their pregnant wives but they must be gentle in the act so as not to cause any harm to the baby. According to her, men who have never had sex with their pregnant wives are mostly men who are rowdy and do not respect women.

‘’You should understand that with every pregnant woman, despite her state, she would love to have sex so you must be gentle with her and keep in mind that she is not as she was when she wasn’t pregnant’’. This, she said as an advice to husbands.


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