Pranic Healing Foundation Holds Workshop In Kumasi

…Pledges To Train Households On Pranic Healing

By Nana Ama Takyiaw

Officials from the West African Pranic Healing Foundation in Accra, have organized a free workshop in Kumasi to educate the public with a pledge to train households on how pranic healing works.

Mr Solomon Mensah

A pranic trainer from the foundation, Mr Solomon Mensah, who disclosed this during the workshop said, their main target is to train each household to get a pranic healer in the family, who will be caretaker to apply the pranic healing techniques, when there is any burdened diseases.

Speaking to the media at Miklin Hotel in Kumasi after the workshop, Mr Mensah, explained that pranic healing is not something new in the system, but an ancient esoteric healing method that was rediscovered, researched and tested for decades with proven successes.

According to him, pranic healing is a no drug healing therapy based on the fundamental principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself.

He stated that, this form of healing can cure back pain, flu and other diseases that attack anyone every human on earth.

Mr Mensah said, Pranic healing, requires only the palm of hands, clear thinking, clear intention, salt and water for its applications to set one free from ailments, adding that, pranic healing is a common type of healing which everyone can apply to oneself.

He explained, Pranic Healing Foundation, started using pranic healing in Ghana 16 years ago and has already established centers in West African countries such as; Togo, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Nigeria and among others.

He announced that, there would be two days pranic healing training and free demonstration through opinion leaders within the district and constituencies in the Ashanti region.

According to him, thousands of miracle healings, have been documented with the use of Pranic healing globally, including the full spectrum of physical and psychological conditions, headache, multiple sclerosis cancer and others.

Meanwhile, some people who attended the workshop testified how good and effective pranic healing helps at home and workplace.


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