Power Producers Must See Dumsors As Threatening Our Survival


When you are confronted with a problem, as a result of learning about the problem, you inch closer to the solution; everyday you take a step forward in your quest to finding a lasting solution, unfortunately this simple fact of life has been defied by the power crisis currently confronting us.

With the Dumsor, it is like anytime we take a step forward, we take two steps backward. They is a simple solution to everything, and that is adopting the best practice.
In our case we are not re-inventing the wheel; we only have to adopt the best practices that have made some countries great.

The President, has indicated in his State of the Nation Address that he does not intend to manage the crisis as has been done in the past, he intends to fix it, that is enough to get all those involved in fixing it to work.

His good intentions alone cannot do the trick, if the people at the various power producing facilities do not see the crisis as a challenge that is threatening our survival and sovereignty.

As the crisis continues unabated, have we quantified both the social and economic cost to the nation?

Have we found out how many people have lost their loved ones or relatives as a result of the ongoing crisis?

Have we found out how many people have lost their jobs as a result of the load-shedding?

Have we found out how many people have closed their shops, because they could no longer afford petrol or diesel to power their generators?

How many marriages or families have been broken because of the load-shedding?

Have we found out how much the State is losing every day, because the crisis seems elusive?

How many people have lost their properties and lives, because armed robbers have decided to take advantage of the situation?

The government since 2012 has invested so much money in the power sector, whereas other sectors are growing, the power sector is stagnating despite the huge investments.
The President, cannot leave his office and go and do the heavy lifting, people are being paid for that, whatever the solution is, they should find it fast.

We at The Herald think that there is sabotage somewhere, how come the Volta River Authourity (VRA) is not able to receive the 120,000 cubic feet of Gas from the Ghana Gas Company Limited?

We might think we are running down the government, but let us all remember that when things get well it is for our collective benefit, when it goes bad, we all stand to lose.

This is not the first time we are experiencing load-shedding, why is this taking eternity to solve?

One week you think things are getting well, the next week it goes bad than it was.

Please this is not a game; lives are at stake here, help the President to deliver.

The Ghana Statistical Service should be able to tell us how much we are losing on a daily basis maybe that will spare us to action.

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