Positivities Of COVID-19

Just as every situation has its positives and negatives, so is the novel disease, Corona Virus. Governments around the world are implementing various fiscal measures to mitigate the adverse effect and provide relief for businesses and households.

Even though the pandemic has a lot of negative impact on the country, households and Institutions have stated many positive effects brought about by the pandemic.

After the closure of boarders, Ghanaians have taken keen interest in our made in Ghana goods. We now produce and grow what we eat, especially food stuffs and also a huge intake in the consumption of herbal medications.

Ghanaian designers have also designed and made face and nose masks, locally produced with our own beautiful made in Ghana fabrics instead of relying on foreign face and nose marks. And this in itself depicts creativity and intelligence.

It has also brought families together. There is now peace and togetherness in most homes, especially during the lockdown period. The Secretary of the Married Women Association of Ghana, Madam Jennifer Odenkey, affirmed this statement in a press release, commending the government for implementing such policies like the Lockdown.

Our educational institutions cannot be left out. Due to the pandemic, several educational institutions, especially, tertiary institutions, have become more digitally included in the digital world. Several applications like Google classroom, Wix, Telegram, WhatsApp, Zoom and other advanced applications are being used to access and share teaching lessons, lecture slides and other information relative to academic work.

As a result of the pandemic, a large percentage of Ghanaians are observing personal hygiene. Washing hands with soap and water frequently, using hand sanitizers and wearing face and nose masks all in an attempt to decrease the large numbers arising from the spread of the deadly disease, avoiding the pandemic and saving lives.

To conclude, though the negativities of Covid-19 cannot outnumber the positivity’s, it is still in effect a good result drawn out from the bad happenings.


Badu Esther Naadei.

Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Level 300.

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