Politics In A Pandemic

One would think corona virus would have stopped politicians from being propagandists but unfortunately, it did not.

The last thing every politician wished for was a pandemic especially in an election year. Being in opposition in these times is the worst thing to happen to anyone who wants to be in power. At this point, the ruling party is scoring so many points by how good they are managing the economy during this pandemic. Whether or not they fulfilled the promises they made four years ago, it does not really matter at this point. We are in a pandemic, cases are rising daily, people are dying, others are losing their jobs, so now it is about how to solve the current crisis and not a manifesto that was read some years ago.

It must be really hard to be in opposition during these times because the ruling party has been introducing new policies to help the current situation from time to time. In as much as it is a bit ridiculous and inhuman to play politics at this time when there is a virus without a vaccine, politicians are left with no other option. Every politician at this point think the clock is ticking and they are left with a few period to win votes from citizens and this period is the best time to win the people.

This year was supposed to be a year for political work. The government and opposition were supposed to be campaigning from door to door. Unfortunately, everything just went downhill due to Covid-19 which has now become a political war left for politicians to defeat. There is now some sort of unnecessary pressure on every politician especially the ruling government because, the moment they do something wrong that causes our cases to rise rapidly, every good thing they have done will not matter anymore and that will be in favor of the opposition parties.

At the end of it all, we must know that these are hard times and the last thing we need now is a political war. There are honestly no winners of politics during this pandemic. Politicians should try to channel that energy on providing the necessary materials for health workers and everyone who needs them but cannot afford it and also try to educate the public on the situation at hand because Covid-19 has proved that majority of Ghanaians are ignorant and need to be educated properly.




By    Magdalene Tawiah

GIJ, Level 300

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