Politicians Must Lead The Crusade For Patriotism.


The Youth Institute for Democratic Initiative (YIDI-GHANA) wishes to congratulate all Ghanaians for Ghana’s 57th independence anniversary.

Our journey from colonial rule, through independence and also as a republic has been a challenging one. Nevertheless, we have been able to make strides both locally and internationally. Our own crafted Ghanaian hospitality and the numerous peace missions carried out by members of the Ghana Armed Forces globally is a clear indication of our contribution as a country to the international community.

The theme for this year’s independence anniversary, Building a Better and Prosperous Ghana through Patriotism and National Unity must ignite-anew the spirit of patriotism in all Ghanaians to gear us towards the path of development and nation building. We must endeavor to be discipline, determined, hardworking, devoted and have the sacrificial spirit as they are the needed tools for national development.

A better and prosperous Ghana can only be achieved when our country is devoid of bribery and corruption, political cronyism, unproductive workforce, money conscious clergy, weak leadership and state institutions. Ghana was recently labeled as a ‘nation of corruption’ by the African Watch magazine.

YIDI finds this very shameful and tarnishing to the brand and image of Ghana locally and internationally. We call on President Mahama to take the leading role in the fight against corruption. We entreat the president to declare war on corruption nationwide. Government must be sanitized of corrupt practices and individuals to serve as the catalyst for the fight against corruption nationwide. We also call on parliamentarians to be the leading crusaders for patriotism by foregoing their fat ex-gratia retirement packages. Ghana cannot afford paying billions of cedis to parliamentarians and politicians as service packages when the masses continue to wallow in poverty. For patriotism to be exhibited nationwide, the leaders of our nation must spearhead the crusade for patriotism.

We have all failed mother Ghana and our country deserves better from us. Once again, YIDI wishes all Ghanaians happy independence anniversary and entreat all and sundry to be patriotic and responsible citizens.

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