Political Thugery Unacceptable -PPP


By Cecil Mensah

The leadership of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), has admonished the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the largest opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP)to lace their intra and inter- party activities with ideas and not the spraying of acid, fighting, beating and maiming.

Speaking at a press conference at the PPP head office in Asylum Down, Nii Allotey Brew-Hammond, the party’s chairman, joined by the party’s running mate in the last election, Madam Eva Lokko, Mr Mike Eghan, the party’s Director of Infrastructure, expressed the party’s condolences to the bereaved family of the late Alhaji Adams Mahama.

He condemned the act of barbarism and called for the need for Ghanaians, to be awake to reject the institutionalization of violence in the body politics of the country.

According to him, these acts if allowed to continue, would become a monster that would ‘eats all of us up’.

He said, the facts show, pouring of corrosive acid on the NPP Regional Chairman by two unidentified men; resulting in his death, was a clear case of murder which should trigger the process of investigations, arrests and prosecution to serve as a deterrent to others, who might contemplate the commission of such crime in the future.

“The outcome investigations into similar crimes dressed in political party colours in our recent past gives the PPP the impression that this murder case might travel the same path.

Our fears are based on our belief that, the two parties are nurturing and growing political fundamentalism in the country”, he added.

He noted when some irate youth of NDC attacked Tamale based radio station, Radio Justice; an affiliate of the Multimedia Group, and burned down three vehicle and five motorcycles belonging to the staff, nothing was heard or the youth’s arrest and prosecution.

He said, the Tamale Central Deputy Secretary of NPP, Ahmed Faisal; who escaped that barbaric attack, has since lived in fear.

He stressed not too long ago the headquarters of the NPP was a scene of a shameful, lowering of standards in political engagement when some miscreants rejected reason, common sense and lawful procedure in resolving their intra- party conflict by resorting to violence.

He questioned whether politics in the country is not becoming like the operations of ‘Boko Haram’

He concluded the use of violence by NDC and NPP to settle intra and inter- party disputes, can be traced the nation’s governance system of ‘winner takes all’ which makes various governments sweet and opposition bitter.

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