Political Parties Sideline Females in Media Discourse – MFWA’s Report


Findings from a project on gender equality in media discourse being carried out by the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) and its partners, WANEP and FOSDA, has shown that media discourse are dominated by male political party representatives.

The ongoing monitoring focuses on women’s participation in public discourse in the media. The project specifically looks at women’s representation in the media generally, and how many female political activists are featured in public discourse on radio. The monitoring covers 24 radio stations in eight (8) regions of the country.

This report covers findings for the month of October 2013. The analyses of party representation, however, focused on parties that had more than 10 representatives on radio over the monitoring period. The parties that had more than 10 representatives were: NPP (65), NDC (60) and the PPP (15) making a total of 140.

Out of the 140 political activists (from the three parties) who featured on the monitored radio programmes as discussants and/or interviewees, only 17 (12%) were females.

The table below presents the details of political parties and female representation in on radio in the month of October:

Political Party Gender of Representatives
Male Female Total
NPP 58
(89%) 7
(11%) 65
NDC 54
(90%) 6
(10%) 60
PPP 11
(73%) 4
(27%) 15
Total 123 17 140

The monitoring exercise forms part of a joint project by the MFWA, WANEP and FOSDA aimed at enhancing women’s particiapation in public discourse. The project is being implemented with funding from Ibis Ghana under its West Africa Human Rights Development (WAHRD) programme.

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