Political Parties Mock EC’s New Logo


Some opposition political parties have described the new logo of the Electoral Commission (EC) as a waste of time.

According to them, rather than addressing issues relevant to the November 2016 polls, the EC is interested in “unnecessary” things such as its logo.

Speaking to Joy News, General Secretary of the People’s National Congress (PNC), Atik Mohammed said EC should not compare itself to a corporate institution which is bordered about its logo and how to change it from time-to-time.

Rather, he said, “The Commission should be interested in its image in the public” and how it is going to address the dwindling confidence of Ghanaians in its activities.

“Merely changing logo has no prospect”, he said adding the change in the EC’s logo rather makes its image in the public worst.

On his part, Policy Advisor of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Kofi Asamoah Siaw said the controversy surrounding the EC’s new logo has come about because the new design “doesn’t pass for excellent”.

He said many people have accused the Commission of plagiarism adding it could have avoided this if it had given the design of the logo to students of the Junior High Schools (JHS).

The old logo of the EC is a crest flung by two eagles on top with a black star in the body of the crest. Along the edge is the writing Ghana Electoral Commission. And in the center is a symbol of a box and a suspended hand dropping a ballot into it.

EC’s new logo:
The new EC’s logo is made up of eight arrow shapes all pointing to a central point. At the bottom of each shape is a colored dot.

There are two red dots, two yellow dots, two green dots and two white dots and all of this is placed on a navy blue background with the words Electoral Commission Ghana written in capitals.

IT and Brand Expert, Divine Puplampu said Ghanaians, especially those in the hinterlands, will find it difficult to identify the new logo since it has no symbol which points to the work the Commission does.

He said many people were able to connect to the old logo because of the symbol of the ballot box and the suspended hand with the ballot paper.

According to him, the Commission will have to spend more money to get Ghanaians identify it with the new logo which he described as avoidable had the Commission done the right thing.

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