Policemen Steal Cocaine Exhibit & Cash


And Throws Suspect Into East Legon Police Cells

By Cecil Mensah

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Division of the Ghana Police Service, is holding in its custody, two policemen for stealing cocaine exhibits at the East Legon Police Station in Accra.

The two officers namely; Felix Tei and Haruna Natogmah, who are currently languishing in the Nima Divisional Police cells, are also reported to have stolen a colossal amount of money from the suspect, Kenneth Azumah, before throwing him into custody at the East Legon Police Station since April.

Felix Tei and Haruna Natogmah, are believed to have sold the cocaine exhibit on the open market and shared the proceeds. They were picked up last Monday, by the Police CID to assist with investigation, after the suspect blew their cover.

The Herald’s police sources, told the paper that the two officers, sometime in April this year, arrested Kenneth Azumah at the popular Accra Shopping Mall, with five parcels of substances believed to be Cocaine and other associated materials like wrappers and quantities of Marijuana.

It was revealed that when Kenneth Azumah, was booked and processed at the East Legon Police station, all the exhibits in his possession had disappeared, with the exception of three parcels of Cocaine; two of the cocaine parcels, could not be accounted for. His personal belongings; a smart phone and undisclosed cash amount were not disclosed.

Kenneth Azumah, The Herald learnt, hotly contested the four parcels handed over to the East Legon Police, resulting in heated exchanges at East Leon Police station, between the officers and the accused person.

Officers and men at the East Legon Police, were tightlipped on their colleagues and their subsequent detention when The Herald visited the station to cream more facts on the case.

When The Herald contacted the Commander of the Nima Divisional Police, Mr. Nuhu Jango, he confirmed the arrest of the two officers from the East Legon Station.

He shockingly told this reporter that he had not been briefed by his superiors on the reasons for their arrest and their subsequent detention at his station. He added that, this is normal practice in the service, where accused persons are kept in the custody of the division for further investigations.

He further directed this reporter to contact the CID headquarters for further clarification on the two officers.

Both, Felix Tei and Haruna Natogmah are believed to be in their early thirties.

According to a police source, luck run out of the police duo, when the accused person challenged them over the number of parcels that was found in his possession on the day of his arrest at the Accra Mall.

A security source told The Herald that the accused person angered by the double standards on the part of the two security officers, vowed to expose them and subsequently reported the matter to their superiors.

The suspect’s decision to blow the cover on the number of Cocaine parcels, was as a result of the refusal of the officers to return the money found on him at the time of his arrest.

The embarrassing situation is said to have caused a delay in processing Kenneth Azumah for court, and till date he had not been processed for court.

It was not readily known, where the two police personnel, allegedly sold the Cocaine exhibits in the capital city. But what is clear is that some police officers, appear to know who and where Cocaine is traded in Ghana.

Felix Tei, who is said to be a relative of the certain prominent politician, educationist cum lawyer, is said to have first made contact with Kenneth Azumah at a certain location in Accra. He expressed interest in buying the illicit drugs from him and eventually asked him to bring him a quantity at the Accra Mall, and it was during that meeting that the arrest was made.

More to come!

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