Police To Wear Reflective Vest With Service Numbers


As IGP Adopts Innovative Ways To Curb Corruption & Misbehaviour
The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Alhassan, has begun an ambitious programme to reduce corruption and general misbehaviour in the Ghana Police Service (GPS).

Henceforward, the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police, is to have new reflectors with names and identification numbers for its personnel as a measure to curb corruption in the Service.

The Herald is informed that plans are far advanced in this regard with the service numbers currently being embossed on police reflective vest.

The service numbers will be in front and behind the vest boldly. Apart from extortion, the plan is also to curb general misbehaviour on the part of police personnel, towards members of the public as they could be identified and reported to the police administration for disciplinary actions to be taken against them.

Mr. Alhassan, is said to have adopted the use of the police reflective vest from Colombia.

It is among some of the innovative ways, the IGP is adopting to open up the service and give it a positive image from a much dented one.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Angwubotoge Awuni, the spate of corruption and other negative practices among service personnel, particularly the MMTD, had really dented the image of the Police and called on them to re-examine their lives and show commitment to their oaths.

ACP Awuni, who is the Director-General of the Department, said at a meeting with MTTD personnel at Sekondi that he wondered why a policeman would take bribe in place of traffic offence that could claim the lives of people.

ACP Awuni said, failure to enforce road traffic regulations had resulted in many avoidable deaths, destruction of lives and properties and expressed regret at interference from higher authorities.

He said with the Christmas period just around the corner, strict enforcement must be in place to ensure that life and property were protected.

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