Police, military deployed to Chereponi after gun attack injures one


One person has been shot after gunmen opened fire on the Anuful community at Naweik in the Chereponi district of the North East Region on Friday evening.

The victim is at the Chereponi district hospital receiving treatment.

Since then, 75 military personnel and 40 police personnel have been deployed to the area after reported reprisal attacks on Saturday morning, according to the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Chereponi, Tahidu Abdul Razak.

Mr. Abdul Razak said he first heard of the shooting at 11 pm on Friday.

The violence has spread to other communities beyond Naweik, including Nasoni where some homes were set ablaze.

“There was another attack on one of the communities so the police and military when there this morning and they are still there,” the DCE stated.

Back in January, the Defence Ministry had to deploy troops to contain similar tensions in Chereponi.

This was after two persons were reported dead and several others injured following a clash between Anufuls and Konkombas over a piece of land at Naduni, a farming community in the district.

That clash was reportedly triggered by suspicions that some Chekosi had attacked some Konkombas with stones.

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