Police Human Relations Must Be Improved

Time was when criminals steered clear of their targeted victims once an armed policeman was in the vicinity. These days the policemen themselves are the victims.

The reason for this behavior is not far-fetched, various security experts, have over the years decry the relationship that exist between the police service and the public.

The police service throughout the country, from the district, regional to the national level, have a Public Relations Department, with officers, employed and properly trained to engage and build trust with the public.

The only time they are called to action is, when there is a problem, and a radio or television station, call to interview them.

It should be noted that, public confidence and trust in the police have eroded over the years, because of the way they relate with them.

Driving a DV plated car in this country, in the estimation of the police is a crime. When a police officer stops you to check whether your papers are correct, they way and manner some of them talk to you, leaves much to be desired.

The unprofessional conduct of the police, has also heightened the tension between them and the public.

This newspaper is not by any stretch of imagination, endorsing the recent rampant attacks on police personnel.

As a newspaper, we strongly condemn this brazen and deliberate targeting of agents of state security for assassination.

If policemen that the people hope in for their physical security are themselves successfully pounced upon with such reckless abandon, what hope do the unarmed and defenceless citizens have against the outlaws?

The acting Inspector General of Police, James Oppong-Boanuh, has shown in the last month since his appointment that, he will put his money where his mouth is, he must as a legacy train his personnel in human relations and help to deepen the engagement between his men and the public.

The recent call by the minister of Interior, Ambrose Dery, for the IGP, to arm every police officer, is a knee jerk reaction that must not be entertained. Until the policemen, show us that, they can be responsible with our arms, we should not gamble with the safety of the public.

Finally, the police need to smoothen their relationship with the ordinary people in order to attract public sympathy, support and respect for the difficult challenges they face in their line of work.













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