Police Harassment Coined As Interrogation

As human beings and citizens of this country, we all enjoy equal rights. We all deserve to be treated with utmost respect. As far as i know, we are all equal before the law. The only difference between a civilian and an officer of the law is probably the training undergone by the individual and the Police uniform the individual is in. The framers of the constitution make provision in support of the element of privacy. Article 15 clause 1 states that “The dignity of all persons shall be inviolable”. Article 15 clause 2b also states, “No person shall be subjected to any other condition that detract or is likely to detract from his/her dignity and worse as a human being”.

But some of these officers think whenever they find themselves in these uniforms, are above the laws of this noble country. Last year recorded a lot of cases of Police officers shooting down innocent civilians. Innocent civilians who entrusted their lives into the hands of the very institution set up to protect them from harm. I sometimes wonder if these individuals we are to entrust our lives into are even up to the task. Civilians get hit with insecurities when the very people who are to protect us, are ridding us of our lives. I for one would like to know how Police officers are trained to handle crime scenes and how they are supposed to treat people considered as suspects or even culprits.

I have seencases of civilians who are for one or two reasons sent to the police station for questioning and end up with swollen faces, broken lips among others. Is it even constituted for suspects to be abused by officers? I have always questioned the ‘professionality’ of officers of the Ghana Police Service. I have observed police officers enter commercial vehicles with AK47s. A vehicle with children and pregnant women all aboard.

Some people have ended up in jail because they weren’t even allowed to explain themselves during incidents. Some individuals have also lost their lives due to police brutality. Some police officers discharge their duties with little or no respect for the rule of law. Have you sat to think about the psychological damage the families ofthese murdered individuals go through? Their parents, theyhave to deal with the agony of buring their offspring which is every parents’ nightmare. This happens most of the time and we let it slide. Media houses need to come together against police harassment in the country. It is high time people started fighting for the right thing to be done. This can happen to anyone.

I personally think;

  • The institution needs to go through the right processes to graduate police recruits into the country to work.
  • I also think more training and education should be given to police officers on the job, on how to deal with different issues in the country.
  • Now on the issue of police men boarding commercial vehicles with AK47s, we see a lot of Police Shuttle buses on our roads. These buses should be used to gather these police men after duties and transported to their homes or left at vantage points to their homes.

With maximum respect to the Ghana Police Service and the Government, these are few suggestions of mine to help curb the issues of ‘Unprofessionalism’ which have been witnessed over the years. “We should be Citizens and not Spectators”, the same way a passenger in a commercial vehicle will caution the driver over reckless driving. I humbly plead with the authorities to take this issue up.



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