Police fail to act after officers caught on video collecting bribe


By Alfred Olufemi

Over one week after PREMIUM TIMES reported how police officers were caught collecting bribes along Ibadan-Ife expressway, the police authorities are yet to publicly identify the officers or punish them.

Last Friday, this paper published a two-minute video clip of police officers on the road, extorting motorists. The video showed policemen at four different roadblocks involved in the bribes.

In a telephone interview with this correspondent last Saturday, the police spokesperson, Frank Mba, justified the police inaction.

“You have already done your publication by the time I saw it. What does my comment do? Whatever I say does not mean anything.”

PREMIUM TIMES gave the spokesperson access to the video before it was published. Even then, he refused to comment.

When quizzed on whether the police will investigate the case or not, he said, “We can only do the bit we can. Even if I do all my best and you consider my best not good enough, I can’t change your mindset. If you don’t like the police, even if I recover your mother, your vehicle or stop your house from being burnt, it does not change attitude.”

The spokesperson suggested the police was not keen on investigating the corrupt police officials. This comes at a time the police topped the list of corrupt institutions, according to a recent report. According to Transparency International, the police, parliament, judiciary and the executive arm were ranked as the most corrupt institutions in Nigeria.

Responding to this, Mr Mba said; “I won’t kill myself because I want you to make you like me.”

He declined to clarify his statements and requested that this reporter send the link to the published story to him.

A week after that was sent, he is yet to respond.

Activist speak

A campaigner against police brutality and the national coordinator of TakeItBack movement, Sanyaolu Juwon, attributed corruption in the system to the poor training and welfare of the officers.

“It all starts with the welfare of the police. When we protest against extra-judicial killing, brutality, bribery and reformation of police, we also consider the police colleges because that is where these officers come from.

“That place is not even okay for animals, not to talk of humans. The training of the police should be given priority as well. Nigerian police are the least (trained) compared to some other countries.

“Also, it boils down to the salaries of these officers. (If) you cannot pay your officers well, then things like these are inevitable.”

He, however, called for disciplinary action against the corrupt officers, saying “there is no justification for receiving bribes.”

“Any officer collecting bribe should be brought to book,” the activist stated.


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