Police CID Grabs Bawumia’s Coached Witnesses


The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, has arrested members of a group called, “Disappointed NDC Youth” from the Volta Region, who recently bragged in the media that, they criminally recruited Togolese nationals to register and vote in Ghana’s 2012 general elections.

The CID, according to credible sources within the service, will soon arraigned the individuals before court to substantiate the many allegations they willingly provided to the media, especially pro-NPP media houses, Daily Guide and Madina-based, Oman FM.

They have individually written their statements at the CID headquarters in Accra.

The group, consisting: Robert Kabutey, Victor Bogah, Doe Gadeka, and Robert Tettehfio Adjase, had earlier honoured an invitation by the CID at the Police headquarters for interrogation and were made to give a statement to the police.

They had alleged that, as members of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), they worked for the party by recruiting foreign nationals to soar the party’s votes, but having been disappointed by the party after winning the general elections; they have falling out with the party, hence their decision to expose the party.

The NDC on hearing the claim at the time, distanced itself from the group, and asked that the security agencies called them to answer questions concerning the matter.

But in a sharp U-turn, the group during interrogation at the CID headquarters said, they neither participated, nor witnessed anybody registering Togolese nationals onto the Ghanaian voters’ register.

Their claim, very well calculated at the time, came shortly after Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s press conference at Alisa Hotel at Ridge, which alleged among others that, Ghana’s recently compiled biometric voters’ register, contained over 76, 000 Togolese.

The NPP’s 2016 vice presidential candidate, had also mentioned Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mali and other countries, whose nationals are in the Ghanaian voters’ register, determining who becomes president of the republic of Ghana.

The opposition NPP, had from that unsubstantiated allegation from Dr. Bawumia, used the claims of Robert Kabutey, Victor Bogah, Doe Gadeka, and Robert Tettehfio Adjase to buttressed their demand for new register, staging riots and visiting Catholic Bishops Conference, ex-Presidents Jerry John Rawlings and John Kufuor.

Per their accounts at the CID headquarters recently, the four men, who boasted on radio that they were ready to give account of what transpired ahead of last elections, interestingly denied the allegations, distancing themselves from the many publications both on air and in the papers.

They individually, told the Police CID that, 56-year Harker Brempong, an ex-Deputy Youth Organiser in the Hohoe North Constituency, was the one who confessed to bringing Togolese to register and vote in Ghana.

Robert Tettehfio Adjase, who was identified by the Daily Guide as the leader of former NDC activists, told the CID, he has never taken part or witnessed any Togolese recruitment exercise.

He said, he rather told Freddie Blay’s Daily Guide that, he recruited “macho men” for the NDC in Lower Manya Constituency in the Odumase-Krobo -Eastern Region, to put fear in the voters to enable a particular NDC candidate win.

But some of his colleagues told the police CID that, he led them to the Daily Guide office, and granted the interview.
Amazingly, Robert Tettehfio Adjase, gave his place of abode to the police CID at Odumase-Krobo, with his age as 40, and profession as a farmer. He also claimed to be a resident of Ho; the Volta Regional capital.

However, The Herald’s independent checks are that, he operates a drinking bar in Aflao in the Volta Region. He is fond of giving misleading accounts of himself. He is well-known in Aflao, where he resides and works as an alcoholic beverage seller. He, however, comes from the Krobo area.

He told Daily Guide that “… because Togolese did not enjoy services like the health insurance, they (he and his colleague) used to assist those Togolese to secure Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme (NHS) cards which enabled them to register when the voters registration exercise was open, to enable them come and vote on election day”.

“So they have the health insurance; that’s the promise the NDC has given them, that you can go to hospital free in the country (Ghana), Adjase narrated, adding that. When they go, we bring them back, then they come and register and later come and vote”.

He told Daily Guide, “In return for their votes, these Togolese were given free motorbikes and were also able to access Ghana’s national health insurance system”. “So based on that, we register you and when it is time for voting, you come and then vote. They have been taking advantage of that and when they come it is one particular party they vote for”, Adjase underscored.

But Adjase, before the Police CID, insisted it was Harker Brempong, who granted the interview to the newspaper, having taken part in recruiting the Togolese on behalf of the NDC, suggesting Daily Guide lied.

Doe Gadeka 27, who claims to be a native of Aflao, admitted he was at the Daily Guide office as a member of “Disappointed NDC Youth”, but denied saying, he recruited Togolese nationals to register and vote in Ghana.

Gadeka, who claimed to be a teacher based in Lome-Togo, said he could not have taken part in any such criminal recruitment for the NDC in 2012, because he was at the time, National Service personnel at Dambai in the Volta Region. On Oman FM, he told the radio station that, he only heard about the Togolese voters, but did not witness any such thing.

He asked that, Harker Brempong, and Adjase, be held for the evidence, as they have admitted to the electoral fraud, adding that he only spoke about the NPP flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, and sought to dispel claims by NDC elements that, he was an arrogant politician.

Robert Kabutey, who said he lives in Tema Newtown, admitted he was at the Daily Guide office on the invitation of Robert Adjase, Chairman of the “Disappointed NDC Youth” group, when he granted the interview to the newspaper and later led them to Oman FM, to throw their weight behind, Dr. Bawmumia’s call for a new voter register.

Robert Kabutey 36, unemployed and a native of Ada Foah in the Greater Accra Region, denied ever taking part or witnessing any recruitment exercise in Togo as reported by the Daily Guide. He was only told by Robert Adjase that, Harker Obrempong, was part of the recruiters.

On his part, Harker Brempong, identified himself as ex-Deputy Youth Organiser. He told the police, he together with some individuals, went to towns along the Ghana-Togo border to plead with chiefs and villagers to register and vote in Ghana.

He mentioned the villages as, Utuka, Adetal, Kudzragah, Kudzravi, Kumah, Dzidzrame and Wli Todzi; all on the Ghana side of the border.

Harker, who gave his age as 56, and a native of Santrokofi in the Volta Region, admitted granting the interview to Daily Guide, and mentioned, Dr. Margaret Kweku, Benice Adiku, Constance Tumawu, and a certain Henry Smith, Kumah and Utuka, as those he went to the villages with to get people to come register and vote later.

According to him, a total of GHc4.500 and two bottles of alcoholic beverage schnapps, was given to the chiefs, who later dispatched their subjects to register, and on Election Day, they came to vote and were rewarded with mattresses, wellington boots and cutlasses.

He was later told by a certain Agbo, that the NDC Regional Executives in Ho, had dispatched an amount of GHc75, 000 to the same people. However, the money was hijacked by Siki Abibu “a Graphic Vendor” and Constance Tumawu.

Harker, who has also submitted a copy of a “disjointed” petition dated February 14, 2014, to the police in which he made several accusation of corruption against the Hohoe North NDC Constituency executives, insisted that, there were Togolese in the Ghanaian Voter register, therefore, side with Dr. Bawmumia and the NPP for a new register.

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