PNC Minister Plots ‘Evil’ Against Dr. Apaak


A message purported to have been sent to some senior journalists by Alhassan Azong, Member of Parliament for (MP) for the Builsa South Constituency in the Upper East Region, has been intercepted by The Herald.

In the message, the Minister of State, plans concocting dirty stories against his challenger, Dr. Clement Apaak, who is a Presidential Staffer.
He plans funding the publications of three dirty stories against his biggest challenger to douse his parliamentary ambition.

Mr. Azong, has been a Minister of State, since late President John Atta-Mills’ administration in 2009, and was again appointed by President John Mahama in 2013.

In the said message, the People’s National Convention’s (PNC) MP, requested from the senior journalists(names withheld) to help him ”kill” a story he felt could be published in the papers soon and expose his ‘evil plot’ against another appointee in the Mahama government.

In the said message, Azong, allegedly promised to offer GH¢ 7,000 to get the story killed. The MP, who is seeking to be re-elected in the upcoming parliamentary election, is facing stiff contest from Dr. Apaak.

Mr. Azong, in the said leaked message, launched an agenda against Dr. Apaak claiming that, he (Apaak) is being supported by the President and should not be given the nod to represent the people.

The said message, revealed how they were going to launch a third term bid for Azong, and target Dr. Clement Apaak, who is being supported by the President and some key governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) gurus at the national level.

“And we must do anything to either by foul means to scuttle Dr. Apaak’s parliamentary ambition”, the leaked message revealed.

The Herald, is reliably informed that, this agenda was reportedly launched by Mr. Azong in three phases namely A, B and C in the said leaked message.

The phase A of the plan, was intended to ‘‘neutralize Apaak’s strength in the Constituency by using; (NDC) serial callers in the party to attack him; and New Patriotic Party (NPP) communicators to always fight him (Apak) in the media on some national issues to ensure that the Citizens Corruption report Centre (CCC) which is headed by Dr. Apaak, does not get any positive media attention and even if there will be media publicity, it should be negative.

The leaked message also revealed “Let’s pay some NDC and NPP press to rundown the CCC to make it look like a failure and waste of public purse; Let’s use the press to promote Alhassan Azong by letting the Constituency know his contribution to Mahama’s government
And for instance create the impression that Mr. Azong was the President’s choice for Builsa-South (All these things through the press; Let’s tell the constituents that Dr. Apaak has been promised an ambassadorial post (Canada/UK) and that, voting for him will be a waste; Let’s plant people in his camp in the Constituency to get us more information about Dr. Apaak’s strategy and if Possible record his conversations”.

Phase B of the plot was geared towards ”courting some NDC kingpins to our side; to make sure we have some big shots in the NDC to support our bid; Let us target those who are not in good terms with the President.

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