PMMC Workers Suggest Sexual Indiscipline Against MD


The Herald, has followed up on the workers’ agitation at Precious Minerals Marketing Company (PMMC) and the call on President Akufo-Addo to remove Kwadjo Opare-Hammond, as Managing Director of the company.

The PMMC boss, is being accused of totally disregarding company policies, systems and procedures, leading to what the workers have descried as “a mess in the company”.

Perhaps, the most serious allegation against him is suggestions that, he is having an affair with one of the female workers of PMMC, leading to some disciplinary issues.

The lady in question; Ms. Roseline Bonaparte, has been promoted above her seniors, travels with Mr Opare-Hammond, and moments when she had to be punished for gross insubordination towards her boss, per the laid down procedures at PMMC, the MD blazingly steps in, to prevent the punishment from being meted.

The Herald also discovered that, as far back as August this year, invitations were sent out to workers to appear before a committee investigating accusations against Mr Opare-Hammond.

Amongst the accusations are that, the MD, has flouted the laid down procedures on recruitment by the company, saying he does not follow rules Per the conditions of service at PMMC, vacancies are first advertised internally to offer staff the first choice and opportunity to occupy them, be the vacancies are advertised externally when staff do not apply.

A well-constituted panel will conduct the interviews.  The Head of Administration, usually serves as the Secretary of the panel.

The head of administration collates the interview results and prepares a report for submission to the Managing Director or the Board, depending on whether the position at stake is management or non-management.

The panel recommends the best and the most qualified candidate for the consideration of management or the Board.  However, with no regard to the above procedures, Mr Opare-Hammond, does all recruitments in his office.

Shortlisting and interviews are done in his office with interviews sometimes conducted by a one-man panel.

Sometimes he and the Board Secretary, conduct interviews for junior staff positions; “a case in point is the appointment of Ms. Mustapha Fasilat, a Receptionist”.

Sometimes unqualified and ill-constituted panels conduct interviews. A contract staff, who is an illiterate driver, conducted an interview for the appointment of a permanent driver.

Other times, people who have not been offered appointment walk around as staff handling corporate documents to the extent that such people attempt to obtain accountable imprest for official assignments.

Mention was made of the Special Assistant to the Board Secretary, who has been demanding accountable imprest, even though her appointment has not been seen by management.

Appointment letters are sometimes backdated, which administratively is not proper. All the above incidences are not in accordance with the conditions of service.

On remuneration, the company, has a salary scale that serves as the basis for remuneration for all staff, however, this one has been thrown overboard by Mr Opare-Hammond, who gives any amount of money that comes to his mind as salary to his cronies.

There are instances where contract staff take more salary than permanent staff.

Before Mr Opare-Hammond joined the company, the policy was that graduate contract staff, were paid Gh¢1,000.00 per month and junior contract staff paid Gh¢700.00 per month, but “immediately he assumed duty, he compelled the Finance Office to pay his Driver and Personal Security Person – both of whom were junior contract staff- Gh¢1,500.00 per month each, whilst graduate contract staff received Gh¢1,000.00 per month.

Until his coming, we have maintained fairness to all staff on all staff matters, especially those relating to remuneration.  He even went ahead to select and appoint his contract staff, who earned between Gh¢2,500.00 and Gh¢3,000.00, whilst the starting point for permanent senior staff is Gh¢2,643.36.

In the event that a contract staff earning Gh¢3,000.00 is made permanent, what grade will the person be put on?

On disciplinary action, discipline in the company has broken down completely. For instance, Ms. Roseline Bonaparte, quarreled with her immediate boss and made a shameful scene at the 4th floor reception in the presence of visitors at the reception.

When the Administration Department tried to discipline Ms. Roseline Bonaparte as required by the conditions of service by issuing her with a query letter, she refused to reply to the query letter and rather called Mr  Opare-Hammond, who had travelled to Dubai and informed him of the incident.

Mr Opare-Hammond, while in Dubai, instructed the Deputy Managing Director to stop any disciplinary action against Ms. Roseline Bonaparte.

Upon his return from Dubai, Mr Opare-Hammond, rather sought to vilify me as the Director of Administration and instead of punishing Ms. Roseline Bonaparte, he rather promoted her two grades ahead and at once to the position of Public Relations Officer (PRO).

A lady with whom, Ms. Roseline Bonaparte, was employed on the same day and on the same grade and were both promoted five years later to grade II, obtained her degree in Marketing in 2013.

Ms. Roseline Bonaparte, however, obtained her degree in 2016 and is currently undertaking her national Service, this notwithstanding, Roseline, has been promoted two grades ahead, whilst the lady is still on grade II.

Mr Opare-Hammond, must learn to be fair to all staff for it is part of his responsibility as the Managing Director of the company.

The punishment required for the gross insubordination of Ms. Roseline Bonaparte is summary dismissal or suspension for a period of time without pay.

The Director of Administration, who is mandated to discipline errant workers when necessary, told the committee, he was intimidated and prevented from doing so, and to make matters worse, Mr Opare-Hammond, has been travelling with Ms. Roseline Bonaparte in her capacity as the PRO at any opportunity.

Interestingly, he never travelled with the previous PRO, who is a male.


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