Please Raise Your Hand If You Are An Adulterous Woman


The Member of Parliament (MP) for Daboya/Makanrigu, Nelson Abudu Baani, stirred controversy last week, when he suggested that any married woman caught in adultery should be stoned or hanged.

Suddenly, the MP’s mouth became law, as many groups, including his colleague MPs, Ministers of State, civil society organizations (CSOs), such as OccupyGhana, whose members seem to me as lacking direction and purpose, in exactly what they want, women and some uniformed shallow and arm chair journalists, took him on demanding that
he resigns his position as MP, an elected position to represent the wishes and aspirations of his people.

All the people and groups calling for his resignation and that he should be reprimanded by the Speaker, do not come from his Constituency, but are only sitting in Accra on moral high grounds, finding faults with everything people do, except themselves.

The question I asked, following the bizarre discussion is that, if they are shouting, thief, thief and you are not a thief, do you run away?

Since when did freedom of speech become a crime in this country, he did not call people to violence, he did not make one tribe rise against another, he only gave his opinion, which is largely informed by his religious persuasion.

Parliament is currently debating the Interstate Succession Bill, which if passed and approved will become law. Per the workings of Parliament, issues are debated on the floor and the voting will take place, one man’s opinion cannot superintendent the voice of the majority and so what has the man done wrong. This statement which has been misconstrued was not even said on the floor of the House.

What even shocked me to my bone marrow, and got me wondering how low our society has sunk morally, was the threat by some women that they were going to pitch camp in Parliament to prevent the MP from entering Parliament to represent his people. I bet these women do not have anything positive to do with their time.

These women, I will like to know whether they are married, single, divorced or are widows.

If they are married women, my conclusion is that they are sleeping behind their husbands, if they are single, it is a clear signal that they intend to commit adultery, when they get married, if they are divorcees or widows, it means they cheated while they were married to their husbands or while their husbands were alive.

We cannot claim to be a religious nation, yet we are all quick to condemn anybody, who tries to express his or her belief.

This country is a secular state, it is largely dominated by Islam and Christianity, and these two dominant religions abhor adultery.
We have a plethora of churches scattered across the country and from Monday to Sunday, Christians troop to these churches with the hope that they receive salvation.

What is alarming is that they don’t imbibe what the Bible teaches. The country is already neck deep in corruption, the monies we all steal in our offices, we end up spending it in the churches, as if that is not enough, we want to encourage adultery?

Not too long ago, there was a sad story of the former Black Star player, Nii Odartey Lamptey, and his wife Gloria, who were married to for two decades , emerged that the three Children he is supposed to father are not his.

This story is not only peculiar to Odartey Lamptey, after that painful incident, report emerged that a lot of fathers rushed to the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital to undertake paternity test to determine, whether indeed they are the fathers to their children.

A research or enquiry at the American Embassy, will wow a lot of people, as since the Embassy introduced parents who are resident in the United States of America (USA), desirous of filing for their children to join them to undertake paternity test to establish that the children are theirs, have revealed that most fathers have been deceived into taking care of kids, who are not theirs.

Adultery is so pervasive in this country one wonders, whether as a country, we fear God again, except the rhetoric and the pretence.
What would motivate a married woman to sleep behind her husband, I cannot in my life hazard any answer, and every spousal law we have made in this country only favours women.

If the MP must apologise, he better be asked to denounce his religion, he was first a Muslim, before he joined politics and entered Parliament, he will exit Parliament and die a Muslim.

In the name of civilization and modernization, we have thrown away all our cherished culture and customs that governed how our forefathers lived.
Are we by this action and condemnation condoning adultery, these same people will meet you and tell you how religious they are. If a woman wants to date multiple
partners, the solution is to remain single, but not to get married.

We have a lot of educated illiterates around, what the man advocated, if they will take their time and even ask him to expatiate on what he said, they will appreciate that in Islam to even accuse somebody of adultery or sentence somebody of committing adultery, you need not less than three witnesses, who will all have to collaborate the story, they should all see the two in action, not after or before. It is not that simple to accuse or sentence someone of adultery.

But because we are gradually growing intolerance and always looking to condemn people, nobody stopped for a moment to find out where the man is coming from and if by just word of mouth someone can be accused of adultery.

Journalist s, who sat on air and shredded the man into pieces are doing the people of this country a lot of harm, they are refusing to learn, they are entrenched in their positions that they are not open to any new things. To educate, one must learn. This country is sinking in immorality.

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