Playing Obrafour’s songs on radio used to be illegal – DJ Black


Chief Executive Officer of Tomtom Studios, DJ Black, has stated it was illegal to play Obrafuor’s songs on Commercial radio some 20 years back.

“It was illegal to play Obrafuor’s songs on commercial radio at the time” DJ Black said in an interview monitored by ABC News Ghana.

It’s refreshing seeing how we’re celebrating “Obrafour” and his classic “Pae Mu Ka (Say It As It Is) [1999]” album and title track.

Even before an official announcement to mark 20 years since the release of the epic Hiplife album, several celebrities have taken to social media to share their fond memories of the album, the songs and Obrafour’s 20-year music journey.

Some of the celebrities who have reacted so far to this celebration are actress Yvonne Nelson and Rapper Sarkodie, who took to social media to celebrate the ‘legend’.


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