Plastic Pollution.


It is so sad, when we visit our beaches and seashore, and all we are welcomed with, is polythene, a plastic bottle or a sachet rubber.

The questions I ask are, how did we get here? Or who do we blame? Do we blame the people or the law makers?

Ghana is a democratic country, but we do not do what is required of us as a civilized society.

Our leaders enact laws, but the truth is, we are not considered in the law making processes.

If the citizens were considered, plastic pollution, will not be as it is today in our country.

The menace of plastic pollution, did not start when it’s consumption began, but the moment our law makers made way for its usage.

Abraham Lincoln, describes democracy, as government of the people by the people and for the people, but what we see now in our dear country, is government of the law makers by the law makers and for the law makers.

Plastic, is like a double edged sword, it has been of great help to us, but have equally done more harm.

Almost every beverage is now being sold in plastic bottle. As a result of this, the government spends millions of cedis to curb plastic pollution.

Plastic pollution, has led to increased malaria cases, as well as increased in flooding anytime it rains. Our gutters and drains, are choked with stagnant water, and the nation is also gradually losing its marine ecosystem.

According to the United Nation’s environmental programme, more than 8 million tones of plastic enter the ocean each year.

Also research revealed that, Ghana recycles less or a little above 2percent of the plastic waste generated, which is inadequate for a country inhabited by about 25 million.

The menace of plastic waste and pollution did not start when we started using plastics, but it started when the law was passed.


By; Agbetornyo Alberta.

Ghana institute of journalism.


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