Planting For Food And Jobs And The Price Of Plantain

About a month or two ago, social media was awashed with pictures of bunches of plantain, the bumper harvest was attributed to the successful implementation of Planting for Food and Jobs.

We had at that time drawn the attention of those, who care to listen that; plantain was in season and the abundance of it, has nothing to do with the policy.

The minister of Agriculture, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto and president Akufo-Addo, have on separate occasions, made allusions to the effect that, Ghana has started exporting food to its neighboring countries.

Plantain was mentioned, as one of the food stuff that, we export.

Today, a bunch of plantain, which about a month or two ago, use to sell for GH¢15 or GH¢20, could be sold for between 80 and 100 Ghana cedis.

Despite the so-called success of the policy, prices of food stuff keep going up. The size of kenkey and banku, keep shrinking by the day.

The problem in this country over the years, is not that various governments, have not put in place  infrastructure to increase food production, but that there is no known plan or, if there is, it has not been implemented, to maintain the structures already in place to supply food year round.

Every food crop in this country has a season, and when it is in season, it is in abundance. We have always complained about post harvest losses.

The government, as part of measures to address this perennial problem, promise to build a warehouse in every district, but that promise is yet to see the light of day.

There is always a disconnect between promises and what is actually delivered.

We are of the opinion that, government officials, must get off their high horse and get to the ground to understand and appreciate what Ghanaians are going through.

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