Philips Saves National Theatre From Darkness


…With Spectacular Digital LED Lighting
By Alfred Dogbey
Royal Philips Company (Philips), a global leader in electronics and lighting, has rescued Ghana’s iconic entertainment centre, the National Theatre from its existing darkness by furnishing the facility with an ultra-modern lighting system, using its latest LED technology to boost the beautification of the theatre and the city as a whole.
The new lighting system, which will cut down completely energy consumption by 80 per cent, as compared to the existing conventional lighting, were installed throughout the entire National Theatre by way of enhancing its distinctive architectural structure and contributing to the building’s energy saving performance.

The company, which is currently intensifying its health campaign in West Africa and across the globe, also revealed a unique collaboration with Pentecost Hospital at Madina in Accra, by taking over hundred nurses and staff through clinical training, particularly in the area of Mother and Child Care.

This development which is part of Philips’ annual ‘Cape Town to Cairo Road Show’ events, was made known at a special media briefing ceremony by officials of Philips held at the plush Movenpick Hotel in Accra yesterday.

Briefing journalists, the General Manager of Philips West Africa in charge of Lighting, Mr. Felix Darko said, “The magnificent lighting at the National Theatre of Ghana is testament to the incredible advances that are being made in the efficiency and beauty of LED illumination”.

According to him, the “LED lighting innovations are providing cities with completely new opportunities in the areas of energy efficiency and city beautification – policy makers and governments the world over are realizing the benefits”.

He stated that, “The LED lighting solutions at the National Theatre, will not only improve the commercial attractiveness of the facility, but also contribute to the reduction of energy consumption in Accra.”

The Acting Executive Director of National Theatre, Mrs. Amy Appiah Frimpong, who was gratefulfor the renovation, said “We are extremely happy with the project Philips has completed at the National Theatre and we have no doubt that the people of Ghana especially in Accra will be just as pleased with the end result”.

She noted that, “This project mirrors the revitalization that is happening within the theatre; the LED lighting is complementing the changes that are occurring on the inside. It is making visible the work of our highly talented contributors and artists who perform at the theatre regularly”.

According to Mrs. Appiah Frimpong, “The state of-the-art digital lighting technology ensures we have a world class theatre that is aware of its environment, while also helping us meet our demand for energy efficiency”, adding “We can’t wait to show the world the transformation on the inside and outside.”

Health Care Campaign

Regarding the collaboration, the General Manager of Philips in charge of Healthcare, West Africa, Mr. Robin Armstrong, told journalists that “We [Philips] want to collaborate with Pentecost Hospital for the continuum of care in pregnancy – from prenatal, to antenatal and postnatal”.

According to him, “It’s our ambition that this training workshop will be an ongoing education program, and we will do our utmost to support the development and advancement of midwives at the Hospital”.

Mr. Armstrong disclosed that “Training and education has always been at the center of everything we do at Philips, and we realize that we have a responsibility to ensure our innovations are used so that they can provide meaningful change to people’s lives.”

They explained, Philips aims to ensure that staff of the hospital can provide equitable and sustainable basic health services to all – particularly mothers and children.

The workshop, according to Philips will identify two “super-users” who will get additional training to qualify them as trainers who can then repeat workshops in other hospitals.

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