Philip Addison Profits From Rigged Election


Dead Woman Voted; 715 Turned Out But 763 Votes Counted

Spokesperson for Valentino Nii Noi Nortey, whose victory in the August 2, 2015, parliamentary primary in the Klottey Korle Constituency was overturned by the opposition New Patriotic Party’s (NPP), has vowed, his camp would never accept the mafia tactics deplored during last Saturday’s controversial re-run, which saw Philip Kojo Addison, declared winner.

“We won’t accept it and so we didn’t even sign the result. Our supporters didn’t accept it. Because, if you claim that in the first election, things went wrong and asked that we should conduct a re-run, do you use the same thing you complained against us to win the re-run”, questioned Prince Kisi Yeboah in an interview.

Independent checks by The Herald, have revealed that, a dead delegate by name, Theresa Masopeh of the Osu Alata Electoral Area, whose funeral and burial service was underway, while the NPP was carrying out the voting exercise. Shockingly after the exercise, they realized the dead lady had voted.

It was also, discovered that, although 715 people were ticked to have voted, the votes counted and recorded, amounted to 763, meaning there was over voting by 48 votes.

Ironically, Lawyer Addison, who in 2013 led the NPP’s election petition at the Supreme Court, calling for the annulment of votes recorded by President John Mahama, was seen dressed in white jubilating with his supporters.

Kisi Yeboah, confirmed that, the election held at the party’s national headquarters at Asylum Down in Accra, was saddled with so much irregularities to an absurd proportion revealing, one delegate whose funeral was incidentally being held on that fateful day, was ticked on the voter register, as having voted, raising questions about the credibility of the election.

“A lady who had died and was laid-in-state and we even planned to pass by her funeral, she was ticked as having voted and you want us to accept this election? Yes, the ghost was supposed to have voted. And you want us to accept this when you claim you want absolute peace, you want us to accept this? He questioned many times.

Already, following his unexpected defeat last Saturday, Nii Noi’s supporters, have reacted angrily, calling on him to contest the seat as an independent candidate in the November 7 polls.

The supporters, mincing no words told the media that, in the event that Nii Noi fails to heed their wish, they will overwhelmingly vote for the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) candidate, Zenator Rawlings, who is also yet to know her fate, following a lawsuit filed against her by her closest contender, the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP), Nii Armah Ashietey, and Nii John Coleman.

Though the former NPP Constituency chairman is yet to state his position on the request by his supporters, his spokesman confirmed that indeed, there are calls and suggestions on the young politician from “ traditional authorities, religious leaders, and majority of the delegates” but he is yet to state his position.

He revealed, evidence abounds of massive irregularities and would petition the party hierarchy in a short while.

The aggrieved Kisi Yeboah, said this when he granted an interview to Accra-based Okay FM on Monday, two days after they lost the primary that, his boss was largely tipped by political pundits to win, but strangely lost to the lawyer of the party’s flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo.

Delving into what happened on the day of the election, Kisi Yeboah, told host of Okay FM’s “Adie Akyie Abia” show, Kwame Nkrumah “Tikisie” that organizers of that elections, could be indicted on so many grounds, saying the election which was billed to start at 8am, on the blind side of many, commenced at 6:58am, when their agents were yet to arrive at the centre.

Kisi Yeboah, alleged that knowing what they were about, delegates of Lawyer Addison, were allowed into the centre that early morning to start voting to complete their agenda.

The plan was so cleverly executed that, as at the time the director of elections of the NPP, Martin Agyei Mensah Korsah arrived, the election, had long started, but Kisi Yeboah did not say whether Mr. Mensah Korsah protested.

He continued that, even when agents of Nii Noi arrived at the entrance; the security detail refused them entry until after one hour thirty minutes, before they were allowed entry.

At 3pm when the whole process came to an end, Kisi Yeboah, said the ballot boxes contained some 763 votes, while the list of people ticked as having voted, showed a figure of 715, when the entire register is supposed to contain 795 registered members for the Constituency, a clear case of over -voting.

During counting, some of the ballots papers counted, appeared combined giving an indication that some delegates voted twice, he told the host.

Kisi Yeboah, explained even when the votes of his boss were counted, the people at the IT room, started sending text messages to the delegates that, Nii Noi, had won judging from the number of people who voted, but that was not to be the case, because of the over-voting.

He recalled that, while Lawyer Addison in the August election, sanctioned by the suspended General Secretary, Kwabena Agyei Agyapong, argued amongst others that, accreditation were not given for that election and so challenged it, last Saturday’s election also witnessed unaccredited NPP delegates voting, suggesting people just entered the NPP National Headquarters and voted at will when they were not entitled to.

Kisi Yeboah maintained that, delegates were directed on whom to vote for, because he was being supported by somebody, adding “…what happened does not serve as a good motivation for the young ones to fight for the NPP party”.

“People told voters to vote for a particular candidate, because he is somebody’s man. We won’t take it lying low; we won’t allow this to go like that. We are consulting and you will hear from us”, he hastily added.

He denied report by pro-NPP’s Daily Guide that, after counting Nii Noi accepted defeat, congratulated and pledged his support for Addison.

“You see what is happening? You have slapped the guy twice, twisted his hands, cheated him like this and you turn round to lie against him? After insulting him on Oman FM, you want to him in you campaign?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Charles McCarthy, who also used to speak for Nii Noi, has disagreed with demands from his supporters to stand as independent candidate.

According to Charles, Nii Noi, should have boycotted the election after the re-run was agreed upon, adding as it stands now, the seat is automatically going to Ms. Zanetor Rawlings.

He revealed the grounds are so fertile for the daughter of ex-President Jerry John Rawlings that, she is called “Osu Lagata”.
He advised his former boss to discard the idea of going independent.

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