Pentecost University SRC Launches Entrepreneurship Fair


By Cecil Mensah

The Student’s Representative Council (SRC) of the Pentecost University College, last Friday November 29, launched a trade and entrepreneurship fair to guide students to unearth their business prowess after school.

Speaking at the launch of the fair, Makafui N.K. Klutse-Doe, the SRC President said, the Council initiated the trade and entrepreneurship fair under the theme: “Unveiling, Nurturing and Networking Tomorrow’s Business Leaders for Global Impact.” to unearth business talents in students.

He said that there is the need to grow entrepreneurs in the light of the growing unemployment situation in the country.
“The formation of an Association of unemployed graduates has made it possible for the country’s quest to grow business owners and employers rather than adding on to the unemployment figures in the country.

He said the aim of the fair is for students to discover their entrepreneurial skills to spark them to thinking out of the box or beyond the status quo and think big.

He noted that men and women who have imbibed the values of thinking outside the box use it to influence their communities, nations and the global village.

He called on student leaders not discuss what comes to their benefit but how they can create opportunities for the students as a whole to make them progress in all spheres of life.

A former President of America, George Bush once said: “use power to help people, for we are given power not to advance our own purposes, nor to make a great show in the world, nor a name.” He averred

He said the Council saw the good in giving a helping hand to students to enable them positively networked, and to create a platform to encourage themselves to be innovative and creative.

He added that the upcoming entrepreneurs fair will afford students the opportunity to learn the ropes of the business around the world and get properly positioned for effective business.

He acknowledged the owner of “Facebook” Mark Zuckerberg, who as a student delivered this social media platform to the world at age twenty-five (25).
A platform, he started and refined during his university education days; has delivered to the world networking and enhancement of relationships.

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