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Refund All Monies You Have Collected From Customers-Minority

By Patrick Biddah

The Minority in Parliament is demanding an immediate refund of the monies the Power Distribution Services (PDS), has collected from Ghanaian customers since taking over  the management of the  Electricity Company Of Ghana  (ECG).

Not only is the Minority demanding the refund, but asking the PDS to pay back with accrued interest on the monies they have collected from customers in terms of bills.

Per their estimation, close to Ghc500 million,  has been collected from Ghanaians since the PDS took over .

The demand comes on the heels of the revelation that PDS, used forged documents in satisfying the condition precedent with respect to the guarantee given by PDS leading to suspension of the deal which was announced in a press statement on Tuesday of this week.

At a press conference yesterday in Parliament to call for a refund of bills paid by customers, the  Member of Parliament (MP) for Yapei-Kusawgu, John Jinapor, stressed that the consortium put together by local partners and the Meralco Company of Philippines was just a cartel brought in to shortchange Ghanaians.

Worth Ghc22billion in asset and 6,000 workforce, the Minority was not happy that the government will hand over ECG to PDS, without ensuring that preconditions and clauses in the agreement are met.

Details checks according to Mr Jinapor, have revealed that PDS, has so far not injected the needed financial capital as stipulated under the concession agreement.

“On the contrary, the company has resorted to appropriating all revenues collected from consumers (including expected payments to Transmission and Generation Companies) in a bid to shore up their revenue requirements .In effect, they are using other state owned companies ‘ money to artificially enhance their balance sheet whiles those companies wallow in spilling debt “,he posited.

The MP, who was a deputy Minister of Energy and Petroleum  in the past  President John Mahama administration, noted that it was the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government upon assumption of power that altered the original agreement on the ECG/PDS  concession just so it gives way to the award of the contract to a cabal.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the press, it must be placed on record that it is the NPP government that decided not to follow through on the initial requirements of condition precedent  as far as  the guarantee is concerned thereby jeopardizing the whole concession”, he said

In view of this, he said both the Ministries of Finance and Energy, knew all along that the guarantee  was fake, but decided  not to act on the abnormally and cannot therefore claim it does not know anything about what has happened.

According to him, the supposed suspension is just a smokescreen and that the Minority is well aware that the government is preparing to use the backdoor to reinstate PDS.

With this information, the Minority says it is demanding an investigation that should be conducted by officials of the United States since the outcome of the investigations which has been initiated by government will amount to nothing. The reason for the United States officials is against the backdrop that the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) of the United States of America, signed  the power compact with Ghana to improve electricity in the country with a $494million funds.

It has further served notice of petitioning the office of Special Prosecutor to look into the deal.


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