PDS Deal- Minority Petitions US Ambassador.

Government Appointed Committee to investigate the Power Distribution Services PDS saga cannot unravel anything helpful to arrive at the truth. This is because the government led by the President Nana Akufo Addo has key members deeply associated with the deal and part of bodies being investigated and does not make sense for a suspect to be a judge of himself.

Ghanaians have also witnessed an instance where the CID Boss prior to her promotion to her current position was accused of an alleged attempt to cover up investigation of corruption at the presidency, as alleged by a critique of the government, A Plus. Her promotion to the position of Director of CID was seen by many Ghanaians as a reward for that suspected cover-up. All these impressions in the minds of the citizenry would not engender confidence in the outcome of government investigating itself any longer.

The CID as earn fame and integrity by how effectively they are able to unravel crime, no matter how hidden and obscure the situation. A typical example was the Akyem Murder case which the colonial CID were able to unravel to the admiration of the many. Another example in recent time was a murder of a police officer by a land-guard and body  buried and well covered but the police managed discover that and arrested the culprits.

For now, confidence is fast waning in the work of the CID with the manner in which they handled some of the recent investigations such as the murder of the MP JB Dankwa, Gregory Afoko’s case, Tiger Eyes’ Hussein Suale and the missing Takoradi Girls. I don’t think tax payers’ money should be further wasted on Akufo Addo appointed committee to investigate a case in which his own appointees are involved.

I therefore buy the idea of the Minority to petition the US Ambassador to help in the investigation if the outcome is to receive a popular welcome. Many have seen government’s call for fight against corruption and its actions as rather fighting against the fight against corruption and a mere paying of lips service. Protecting the public purse now appears to be downgraded to plunder and share.

God save Ghana! We must all work as Ghanaians to create an independent Police Service. The police are competent and well skilled. If they are left on their own to play their cards wonders would happen. For now this cannot be said to be the case.

I there urge all good intentioned Ghanaians to support the call for an independent investigation into this PDS debacle to unravel the truth to save Mother Ghana.



Yao Mac

Teshie, Accra


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