Paying People For No Work Done, Will Cripple This Nation


The National Commission Authority (NCA), last week led the way for many of our sleeping state institutions, when they banned nine Television stations from broadcasting.

The purpose of creating and establishing institutions of state is not for fun, neither is it for fashion, but to regulate a segment of our society and the NCA, had shown the way.

The Ghana Highway Authority (GHA), also need to wake up and start doing what it was established todo. Very often motorists run into or knock down a traffic light or the railings on our roads, without getting being surcharged.

A story was told of a man, who knocked a traffic light on the George Walker Bush N1, he went to the Ministry of Roads and Highways, he was directed to go the GHA, because they were the managers of such facilities, from the GHA, he was asked to go to the local authority, where he knocked down the traffic light to pay.

This good and responsible citizen was frustrated, obviously because of the bureaucracies at most of our Metropolitan, Municipal Assemblies and Departments and Agencies, he got tired along the way and gave up.

This situation is very prevalent on most of our roads, tax payers money is thence used to fix the broken rails or the knocked down traffic lights, when the culprits could be surcharged to a fine or replacement.

It is not possible to have everyone behave responsibly as the Youngman, who took the trouble to go the Ministry; we do not have cameras installed on our traffic lights, but the few that do own up and want to do the right thing, must not be frustrated, for them to wish they never tried.

At the end of every month, the wage bill of the government goes up to the roof, because we have too many square pegs in round holes, being paid for no work done.

It is high time we define the role of every employee of government, give them performance benchmarks, so that, when they fail, they will be shown the exit.

This wholesale method of engaging people and paying them for no work done, will cripple this country.

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