Part Of The Ghanaian Motto Losing Its Relevance To Kidnapers

kidnapping has been rampant in our societies of late. We once lived in a society where there were more freedom and more kind and generous people around. In our society now we are losing our freedom, culture and sanity. People are now afraid to offer favor. Others, on the other hand, are afraid to receive favor too especially the vulnerable in society. This has really instigated fear and panic in our societies. People are finding it difficult to accept a genuine favor even from people they think they know.

Ghanaians are gradually losing our freedom of movement in our own country. Sometimes people do ask a lot of questions concerning the cases of those kidnapped and the kidnappers. Is it that those kidnapped are careless or their families are rich to pay a ransom? Have the kidnappers targeted a part of the country?  Are these kidnappers really Ghanaians? Where were these kidnappers until now?

Three girls were kidnapped in 2018. These girls who are all students were kidnapped on three different occasions in Sekondi-Takoradi. This has really disturbed their families, their studies and the country as a whole.

Ghana is gradually losing productivity due to these kidnapping issues. Kidnappers usually kidnap the working class of the society as I have observed. These working classes are the same people who will help increase productivity in the state. Once they are done with their studies, they will start paying taxes to the government when working which will also increase the state’s revenue.

Citizens sometimes blame the subsequent governments and the current government for not putting in place some measures for foreigners who visit the country. These citizens suspect that these crimes are committed and initiated by criminals and prison breakers from nearby countries who run into the country to save themselves from being caught in their country. These assumptions by people might be true but the genuine foreigners, on the other hand, are blaming Ghana on the weak security we have.  Let’s all calm down and stop playing these blame games and ask ourselves the way forward.

As a citizen of this country and not a spectator as the former president of the United States, George Bush once said, I think we should intensify the training of our security personnel. In doing so I think we should let the Ghana soldiers to take more charge than the Ghana police.

Again we should have valid papers for foreigners’ so we know the people coming in and out of the country. This will prevent us from accepting criminals and prison breakers.

I love my country very much and I must confess I am a proud Ghanaian but sometimes it saddens my heart that one day we will lose one leg of Ghana that’s freedom to these kidnappers.


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